How well do you remember the Star Trek episode ''The Trouble with Tribbles''?

How well do you know your tribble trivia?

The Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" is possibly the most iconic episode of the original series. Even people who don't watch the show know the image of Kirk standing waist-deep in a pile of tribbles, looking exasperated. Again and again this episode shows up on lists ranking the best Star Trek episodes.

But how well do you remember your tribble trivia? Let's find out.

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  1. Which crew member gets the first tribble?
  2. What does the Klingon insult that finally leads to a brawl?
  3. What does Spock say he admires about the tribbles?
  4. What is Kirk trying to get when he receives a plate full of tribbles?
  5. How many tribbles does Spock estimate are on the space station?
  6. Who don't the tribbles like?
  7. How long does Spock say it will take to remove the tribbles from the space station?
  8. Where does Scotty beam the tribbles from the Enterprise?
  9. Why does Kirk say he could learn to like tribbles?
  10. Bonus: which Star Trek show had an episode that used footage from "The Trouble with Tribbles"?

How well do you remember the Star Trek episode ''The Trouble with Tribbles''?

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LynCarceo 3 months ago
7/10. I may be in the minority here, but that was cruel of Scotty to beam the tribbles onto the Klingon ship. The Klingons will only massacre them. Not cool!
DerekBird 11 months ago
You got 10 correct
That was no tribble at all!

I believe that there was also a sequel(?) to The Trouble With Tribbles during Star Trek: The Animated Series as well as the one with Ben, Dax (Jadzia), Julian and Miles on DS9.
EllisClevenger 19 months ago
You got 8 correct
That was no tribble at all!
Missed #5 and #9
Jay 22 months ago
9 out of 10.

Pretty good.
TexasGreek 25 months ago
You got 10 correct
That was no tribble at all!
sandman 25 months ago
"Squeezing into vintage Star Trek uniform" Got 9 and the bonus question right
Mike 28 months ago
No tribble at all.. hehehe
WILD 28 months ago
You got 9 correct
That was no tribble at all!
Craigg 28 months ago
You got 7 correct
That was no tribble at all!
Kougaji 28 months ago
I got 10/10. But then again... It is my favorite episode and Trials and Tribble-ations is my favorite episode of DS9.
peacefrog77 Kougaji 28 months ago
Next to "City On The Edge Of Forever".
In my opinion, although I do love "Trouble With Tribbles".
sandman Kougaji 25 months ago
Mine too
M60A3Driver 29 months ago
10/10 Star Trek fan since I was a young boy.
WILD M60A3Driver 28 months ago
Me too but I still missed one.
ThinkFirst 29 months ago
10 out of 10 - I definitely watch too much TV, especially Star Trek!
DouglasMorris 29 months ago
10/10! that was no tribble at all.
csaaphill 29 months ago
Didn't know and tried too to remember which might have been used on Deep Space nine but couldn't.
which scene? Quarks bar or something or....?
wanderer2575 csaaphill 29 months ago
It wasn't just a scene; it was the essence of an entire episode, "Trials and Tribble-ations." A disgraced Arne Darvin gets hold of a Bajoran Orb that allows him to travel back in time in an attempt to assassinate Kirk, and the DS9 crew follows to stop him. Controlled-motion photography allowed the filmmakers to integrate the DS9 cast into the original footage; for example, Bashir and O'Brien are included in the crew lineup in the scene where Kirk is dressing them down after the brawl on the space station.
csaaphill wanderer2575 28 months ago
Oh... ok thanks. I think I saw that one but not sure, I will have to watch it again. We get HI channel now or Heros and Iccons channel that has all the star trek series at 8 pm.
Star Trek the original, Next Generations, Deep space nine, Voyager, and then Enterprise.
Which most of that last one I never really watched until now so all new to me now. lol
Thanks again.
WILD wanderer2575 28 months ago
It was incredibly well done, too.
DerekBird wanderer2575 11 months ago
It was brilliantly done with Davi gerrold supervising the filming of the episode.
csaaphill 29 months ago
You got 8 correct
That was no tribble at all!
the one with Spock's estimate and the bonus question I missed. The one where it asks which set was reused on one of the other series' or what footage was reused.
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