How well do you remember the series finale of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'?

Get ready to break out the tissues.

In the world of television, few shows get a proper goodbye. The series finale is something a show achieves once it's been on the air long enough, and with enough advanced notice to prepare for the end.

The series finale is also the episode most writers and producers have trouble cracking: How do they make the audience happy? That's the task the people behind The Mary Tyler Moore Show were assigned in the spring of 1977.

As a result, they produced the episode "The Last Show," which has gone on to become the gold standard for series finales. It had laughs, it had tears, but most of all it had heart. 

How well do you remember this landmark episode? Take the quiz and find out. 


  1. Do you remember who created 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'?
  2. Who does Ted bring to the meeting with the station owner?
  3. Who does the station owner decided to fire?
  4. What is the name of the TV channel?
  5. Why does Mary think she was saved from being fired?
  6. How does Lou surprise Mary in order to make her feel better?
  7. Why does Phyllis make this face?
  8. What does Sue Ann say she'll do next?
  9. What song does Ted sing to close the broadcast?
  10. What does Lou say to everyone?
  11. After Lou's confession, what does Mary say?
How well do you remember the series finale of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'?

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