How well do you know the legendary career of Carol Burnett?

Do you know you all of her amazing appearances in variety shows, sitcoms, dramas, movies and on Broadway?


It takes a lot of hard work and talent to have your own television show but to create one of the most beloved variety series in history and also appear in everything from sci-fi shows to sitcoms — not to mention movies and on Broadway – takes a special kind of brilliance.

The legendary Carol Burnett is that kind of genius, but she wasn't always a household name. Here are 15 questions about Burnett's long career. How many can you get right?

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  1. Carol Burnett had one of her good friends guest star on the first episode of her show every season. Who was it?
  2. When did The Carol Burnett Show premiere?
  3. How many seasons did The Carol Burnett Show have?
  4. One of Burnett's earliest television roles was part of a story where an angel tries to earn his wings in what TV show?
  5. Before getting her own show, Burnett was a cast member on which earlier variety series?
  6. Burnett's first role on Broadway came in a show she would also act in three different times on television. What musical was it?
  7. Burnett jumpstarted her career performing a parody love song about which dull public figure?
  8. Burnett played Corporal Carol on which show?
  9. Burnett starred in a 1963 TV movie playing a comedic version of which Western hero?
  10. The title characters of the 1972 movie 'Pete 'n' Tillie' were played by Burnett and…
  11. Who did Burnett play in the 1982 movie version of Annie?
  12. The early '80s TV movie that led to Mama’s Family was named for Burnett’s character from the famous family sketches. What was it called?
  13. True or false: Burnett never appeared on the 'Mama's Family' sitcom.
  14. Burnett played Susan Johnson in two episodes of which 1980s detective series?
  15. In Toy Story 4, Burnett voiced a character with what pun name?

How well do you know the legendary career of Carol Burnett?

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RedSamRackham 16 months ago
* 14 of 15 * 93% Score! * Missed that last question. *
RichardJuliano37 20 months ago
Been watching. Carol Burnett Perry Mason and Matlock for years love Me Tv
Filmnoirfan 28 months ago
12/15 - She was funny in virtually every skit on her show and even offered some levity to The Twilight Zone in her lone appearance of that classic series clearly not known for comedy
jtrain 36 months ago
14/15! I thought she never guess starred on Momma's Family, I was wrong!
Filmnoirfan jtrain 28 months ago
Looks like you're the newest member of the 14/15 club - just need one more for an even dozen. I couldn't quite reach those heights
jtrain Filmnoirfan 28 months ago
Didn't really watch much of Mama's Family, only on Carol Burnette show.
Astrodomania 36 months ago
14 out of 15...."I'm so glad we had this time together...." 😉
Marshall_Kolchak 37 months ago
4/15 it's almost as if i exist in another universe apart and away from Ms. Burnett.
LH Marshall_Kolchak 36 months ago
I wonder if I’m the only one that couldn’t stand Carol Burnett! I didn’t take the quiz and I think I would’ve done worse than you!
TheOnlyONE 37 months ago
15/15. The answers were obvious.
tootsieg 37 months ago
14/15. Missed the Toy Story question.
Astrodomania tootsieg 36 months ago
Same here, but all the rest correct, like youself....YAY!!!!!
37 months ago
9/15 ... I don’t know much outside of TCBS
LalaLucy 37 months ago
15/15. Most were easy, having read her wonderful autobiography, but a couple were educated guesses. I never saw the Magnum episodes in question but figured if she'd fit with any detective show, that'd be the one. 🙂
SalIanni 37 months ago
There's one part of her career that the quiz didn't mention and that even Carol herself rarely talks about. In 1957, before her first Ed Sullivan appearance (on the same night that Elvis did his 'waist-up' performance), she appeared in the short-lived sitcom where she played Buddy Hackett's girlfriend Celia. This show had been lost for many years but can now be seen on YouTube and on here:
Margaret 37 months ago
15 out of 15! WOW! I remember watching al 11 seasons of the Carol Burnett show on WKMG- Channel 6, here in Central Florida, when it was originally broadcast on the CBS-TV network. I have even watched and recorded some Carol Burnett show episodes that aired on Me-TV and featured my favorite horror movie actor, Vincent Price, as a guest star on the show. I also watched Carol Burnett on the Garry Moore show years before that, so I should know something about her TV career.
37 months ago
12 out of 15. Missed out on Cagey & Lacey, Toy Story 4, & John Foster Dulles.
JanelleScherbik 37 months ago
I got 12 out of 15. Not bad and Happy birthday Carol Burnett.
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