How well do you know Andy Griffith?

Only a true Andy expert can get 12/12 on this quiz.

He is one of the true titans of television. Few actors had a greater impact than Andy Griffith. Though he will forever be known as Sheriff Andy Taylor, father of Opie, the North Carolina native created a body of work far beyond The Andy Griffith Show

Outside of his heartwarming sitcom and Matlock, the star appeared in dramas, in science-fiction and even as a bad guy in a few films.

Griffith is a favorite of MeTV and our fans. So… how well do you know this American legend?

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  1. Griffith based Mayberry on his hometown in North Carolina. What is the name of that town?
  2. In 1954, Griffith reached No. 9 on the pop charts with a folksy comedy record about a popular American sport. What was this called?
  3. Two years before 'The Andy Griffith Show,' Don Knotts worked with Griffith on a military comedy called what?
  4. Griffith's iconic character of Sheriff Andy Taylor first appeared on what CBS sitcom in February 1960?
  5. Andy Taylor finally married his love Helen Crump on which 'Andy Griffith Show' spin-off?
  6. Which former Catwoman played the female lead on 'The New Andy Griffith Show'?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  7. Which of the following was NOT a TV series starring Andy Griffith in the 1970s?
    Image: AP Photo / Nick Ut
  8. In 1979, Griffith starred in a sci-fi show about a junk man who goes to space to collect scrap. What was this called?
    Image: Columbia Pictures Television
  9. In the 1970s, Griffith broke character and played a villain who chases people in the desert in two separate TV movies. Which one of the following is NOT a TV movie with Griffith as a bad guy in the desert?
    Image: ABC
  10. Griffith recorded a version of 'The Andy Griffith Show' theme song with lyrics. What is this called?
  11. Which Andy Griffith TV series was on the air for more seasons?
  12. In 2001, Griffith made one of his final guest appearances on what teen drama set in North Carolina? Image: AP Photo / Wally Fong

How well do you know Andy Griffith?

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