How normal is your taste in Halloween candy?

Candy corn: yea or nay?

We love Halloween. Of course we do. It brings together candy, dressing up like our favorite characters and reminiscing about childhood.

This month we have already looked back at classic candy from the 1950s and 1960s. Now it is time to determine which treats people prefer. No tricks here. Unless you really loathe candy corn. Speaking of which, we start with that most divisive of sweets…
  1. First, the big question: What are your thoughts on candy corn?
  2. Old-timey taste test! Necco Wafers or Canada Mints?
    Images: Necco /
  3. Chewy choices! Mary Janes or Bit-O-Honey?
    Images: / Walmart
  4. Ch-ch-choose… Charleston Chew or Chick-O-Stick?
    Images: Tootsie / Candy Warehouse
  5. Would you rather be smart or sweet?
    Images: Oriental Trading / Old Time Candy
  6. The better "butter"?
    Images: / Candy Warehouse
  7. Pick a stick.
    Images: Candy Warehouse / Old Time Candy
  8. Pick a clique.
    Images: Oriental Trading / Candy Store
  9. How nutty are you?
    Images: Candy Warehouse
  10. Which little round niblet do you prefer?
    Images: Candy Warehouse
  11. Are Fun Size Snickers the best candy to get on Halloween?
    Image: Candy Warehouse
How normal is your taste in Halloween candy?

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