How does your taste in music compare to other MeTV fans?

Take our survey and see how your opinions stack up to others.

MeTV is not just about TV. We're about pop culture. So many of our memories of the past are tied to music, food and family, too. That's why we created MeTV Music and MeTV FM.

Recently, we guessed your age with music. It got us talking about our favorites. And nothing spurs conversation quite like music. Even the biggest pop acts of all time can split people into two opinions.

So, let's see what you all think about some classic pop acts. Pick your favorites from the following questions and see how your opinions stack up against the rest.
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  1. We have to start with the classic question: Are you a Beatles or Stones person?
  2. Who reigns supreme?
  3. Who is your one true "King"?
  4. Do your tastes run more big Mac, "Wendy" or R&B?
  5. Everyone has a family favorite.
  6. Do you answer to the Boss, the Chairman of the Board or Queen B?
  7. You can only listen to one soundtrack. Which is it?
  8. Which decade had the best music?
  9. Blondie, Bette or Buddy?
  10. Would you rather listen to Pink Floyd, Pink, the Purple One or the Flying Purple People Eater?
  11. Speaking of colorful musicians, pick one.
  12. What is your favorite way to play music?
  13. What was the best part of 1970s music?
How does your taste in music compare to other MeTV fans?

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