Guess which show these TV creators worked on before they were famous

What were they doing before their big hits?

TV history is speckled with those rare genius writers who are so consistent, they execute hit after hit. From Gene Roddenberry's many civilizations to Garry Marshall's All-American homes, these writers entertained millions with massively popular shows week after week.

So what were they doing before they shot to the top? Let's find out. 

Take this quiz and see if you can pick the shows that featured these famous creators — before they were famous. We name a legendary TV creator. You name the series that featured his or her screenwriting skills. Good luck!
  1. Gene Roddenberry is best known as Star Trek's creator. Before that, Gene Roddenberry wrote for which of the following shows?
  2. Stephen J. Cannell created 'The A-Team.' Before that, he wrote for which series?
    Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
  3. Garry Marshall gave us 'Happy Days.' Before that, he was writing for which show?
  4. Susan Harris created 'The Golden Girls.' But before that, where was she writing?
    Image: Buena Vista Television
  5. Rod Serling was not just the creator of 'The Twilight Zone,' he was the host. Before that, he was writing for…?
  6. Steven Bochco created 'L.A. Law.' Before that, he was writing on…
    Image: 20th Television
  7. James L. Brooks co-created 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show." He wrote for which series before that?
  8. David Chase is the man behind 'The Sopranos.' But he once wrote for…?
    Image: HBO Entertainment
  9. Tom Patchett co-created 'ALF.' Where did he hone his writing skills?
  10. Paul Henning created 'The Beverly Hillbillies.' Not long before that, he wrote a script for which series?

Guess which show these TV creators worked on before they were famous

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