Do you remember the names of these retro hairstyles?

You'll buzz right through our vintage quiff quiz.

Classic haircuts never go out of style. Well, maybe the rat tail and whatever Bon Jovi wore in 1985 go out of style. 

But otherwise, those crisp coifs of the 20th century are still sharp looks for modern men and women. You can go into any barber shop or hair stylist today and ask for these timeless hairstyles. As long as you can remember their names.

We picked 10 styles from the past 100 years. You could spot them on TV, magazines and album covers. Let's see if you can recall what they were called. Good luck!

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  1. The Ronettes helped popularize it in the 1960s. Amy Winehouse helped bring it back four decades later.
    Image: Discogs / AP Photo / Matt Dunham
  2. Commonly known as "The D.A." which was a tamer acronym for what descriptive animal term?
    Image: Wikimedia Commons
  3. As this vintage Max Factor ad proclaims, "This haircut is getting more and more popular. The ___________ has long sides which must be kept carefully trained to look neat. The sides are combed back and upward, pulling the longer strands around the back of the head in a semi ducktail."
    Image: Pinterest
  4. This look was the epitome of patriotic glamour circa World War II.
    Image: Cosmopolitan / Pinterest
  5. Neat, slick and with a sharp side part, this popular haircut came in "college," "executive" and "regular" varieties.
    Image: Reddit
  6. This curly cut with a sweet sounding name was popular with greasers like Danny Zuko, Kenickie and the Stray Cats. Wally gave it a go on 'Leave It to Beaver,' too.
    Image: Arista Records / Leave It to Beaver
  7. Named after a famous illustrator for 'LIFE' magazine, this look was considered the feminine ideal in the early 20th century.
    Image: Wikimedia Commons
  8. Dobie Gillis personified this clean look.
  9. Kid 'N' Play took this iconic look to the big screen in hit 'House Party' films.
    Image: Select Records / Discogs
  10. Film star Colleen Moore popularized this cut in the 1920s. It was so trendy that "Bernice" did it to her hair in a classic F. Scott Fitzgerald short story.
    Image: Wikipedia

Do you remember the names of these retro hairstyles?

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