Do you remember the names of these big, big TV families?

Don't worry, we just need the last name, not the name of all seven kids.

Images: The Everett Collection

When it comes to TV shows, big families lead to big drama and big laughs. Squeezing 11 people under one roof sure makes for some good stories.

We gathered some notable large families from classic television. First, you'll have to recognize the show. Then, see if you can put a name to the clan. Good luck!

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  1. The were the original blended family.
  2. Recognize this lost family?
  3. They had a lot of mouths to feed on the mountain.
  4. This popular TV family went to outer space in their cartoon.
  5. Their sitcom saga ran for 12 seasons.
  6. See if you can recognize these pioneers.
  7. Name this primetime soap family.
  8. Who are these members of a Western clan?
  9. The matriarch may have changed, but the last name remained the same.
  10. If you count the kids, that should tell you the name of the show.
  11. They were the family on 'Family.'

Do you remember the names of these big, big TV families?

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Caretaker245 1 month ago
I just started watching Family on Tubi... I was too young to be able to stay up and watch it when it was first on. Anyone else remember that Luke Skywalker was the original David on Eight is Enough?
DerekBird 1 month ago
You got 11 out of 11
No matter how you did, you're still a part of the family.

No sweat.
Randall 13 months ago
Joey Broderick the father on family is from Manchester NH he went to central high in Manchester and was good friends with my father he has a son in the business Mathew Broderick
LynCarceo Randall 1 month ago
Wasn't the name of the actor James?
Mike 18 months ago
The space cartoon faked me out.. 9 of 11. The Hogans also. Sandy Duncan.. Trick question.
DerekBird Mike 1 month ago
That was The Partridge Family 2200AD.
DerekBird Mike 1 month ago
Partridge Family 2200 A.D. is an American science fiction Saturday-morning animated series and a spin-off of the 1970–1974 ABC live-action sitcom The Partridge Family produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and Columbia Pictures Television and broadcast on CBS from September 7, 1974 to March 8, 1975. The band performed one of their pop hits in each episode.
SheriHeffner 18 months ago
OOPS Forgot Susan I think she was number five. Tommy, Mary, Joanie, Nancy, Susan, Elizabeth, Tommy and Nicholas.
SheriHeffner 18 months ago
I got 11 out of 11. You tried to trick us on the last one by not showing Meredith Baxter Birney. And I remember the names of the 8 Is Enough kids. I think this is in biological order. David, Mary, Joanie, Nancy, Elizabeth, Tommy, and Nicholas.
Ah, so THAT'S what was wrong with that picture. How could they leave out such a BEAUTIFUL lady as Meredith Baxter.
nerakr 19 months ago
11/11. But I had to think about that last one.
Debbie 19 months ago
This one was a cinch. I knew them all
bpacha77511 19 months ago
got 8 correct.....some of the clues i found a bit vague
booster 19 months ago
Got all 11 right. I guessed on number 9, as I never watched the show.
Deleted 19 months ago
This comment has been removed.
jpdirisio13 19 months ago
Yes, but how many did you get right?
jpdirisio13 19 months ago
English as a 2nd language?
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