Do you remember the names of these bad guys on The A-Team?

If you were a member of the A-Team, would you catch these guys?

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When you need a dose of action adventure, watching The A-Team on MeTV will fulfill that need! Hannibal, B.A., Faceman and Howling Mad Murdock always found themselves battling bad guys while on the run.

The bad guys never prevailed, which made the show even better. While watching the series, you could go from laughing at B.A. and Howling Mad's conversations to cheering them on when the bad guys are putting up a fight.

Do you remember the names of these bad guys on The A-Team?

  1. These bad guys were part of a biker gang in the episode "Black Day at Bad Rock." What are their names?
  2. These guys are supposed to be the evil A-Team in the episode "Deadly Maneuvers." What are their names?
  3. These guys are part of a gang terrorizing B.A.'s mom and her neighbors in the episode "Lease With an Option to Die.". What are their names?
  4. This guy is also a gang member from the "Lease With an Option to Die" episode. What is his name?
  5. In the episode "Children of Jamestown," this man is the cult leader. What is his name?
  6. These two men are members of what clan in the episode "A Nice Place to Visit?"
  7. The man without the hat is accused of killing his fiance's father in the episode "Till Death Do Us Part." What is his name?
  8. This woman has a hidden agenda while the A-Team is helping her in the episode "Say It With Bullets." What is her name?

Do you remember the names of these bad guys on The A-Team?

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