Do you remember obscure advertising slogans?

Slogans really are pretty vague, aren't they?

"I'm lovin' it," "It's the real thing," "Snap, crackle, pop!" There are plenty of advertising slogans out there that have been burned into our consciousness after hearing and reading them so much, for so many years. Some slogans were a little more obscure, though. And come to think of it, a lot of them were pretty vague as well.

So let's put your memory to the test and see how well you can remember some of these slogans that have faded from our memories. We'll give you a slogan, and you guess the type of product it was selling. Good luck!
  1. "Tastes great, less filling."
  2. "Exhilarating, invigorating, aids digestion."
  3. "When you put it on… something happens."
  4. "Under one roof."
  5. "Gets you so clean, your mom won't know you."
  6. "There's no spit in…"
  7. "If ______ doesn't do it, who will?"
  8. "Ask the man who owns one."
  9. "My wife… I think I'll keep her."
  10. "Always in beta."

Do you remember obscure advertising slogans?

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DerekBird 32 months ago
You got 6 out of 10
Ahh, well. Better luck next time!

All from before I began watching TV (I was born in December 1964).
ndebrabant 65 months ago

You got 10 out of 10
Nice job! You're never one to forget an ad.
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