Do you remember if these two TV characters ever kissed?

Somewhere between a chemistry lesson and a pop quiz.

Ever since I Love Lucy scrawled across our screens in the middle of a heart, we've all looked to the television for love, and TV writers knew just how to hook us.

On sitcoms and dramas, the question of "will they or won't they?" drove many a viewer to tune in, from Gunsmoke's Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty to Sam and Diane on Cheers.

But only true fans who watched these shows really know what happened to satisfy all the romantic tension on shows we watched from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Are you the authority on onscreen couples? Scroll through these pairs we've plucked from TV history and see how many smooches you can recall, or for those that did not, if you know the real truth about TV loves that were never meant to be. May you be lucky in love!
  1. On Mayberry R.F.D., Andy Taylor and Helen Crump got married, but did they ever share a kiss on The Andy Griffith Show?
  2. On M*A*S*H, Hawkeye and Hot Lips got on each other's nerves, but did they ever lock lips?
  3. On Gunsmoke, Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty were always there for each other, and she pecks his cheek occasionally, but did they ever seal it with a kiss?
  4. On Gilligan's Island, The Professor tells us he thinks Mary Ann is the prettiest lady on the isle, but did they ever affirm the affection with a kiss?
  5. On Star Trek, Captain Kirk and Lt. Uhura were both complex characters, but did they ever complicate things further with a kiss?
  6. On Taxi, Louie De Palma suffers unrequited love for Elaine Nardo, but she did agree to go on one date. Did they kiss at the end?
  7. On Cheers, Sam dates Rebecca and marries Diane, but did he ever kiss Carla?
  8. On The Dick Van Dyke Show, Rob suspects Sally Rogers and Buddy Sorrell are having a secret affair. Does he ever catch them kissing?
  9. On The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary Richards kisses Lou Grant a couple times, but did she and Ted Baxter ever go there?
  10. On WKRP in Cincinnati, there seems to be a little chemistry between Bailey Quarters and Andy Travis when he first joins the station. Did they ever kiss?

Do you remember if these two TV characters ever kissed?

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Scangus 13 months ago
I hear that the Professor thought not kissing Mary Ann was the biggest miscalculation during his experiment of life.
amylovestv 25 months ago
They should have included Morticia and Gomez to stump people. They never kissed on the lips on the show. But maybe everyone knows that already.
WILD 31 months ago
You got 7 out of 10
It's OK if you forgot a few of these funny couples. Not every TV kiss led to love.
EllisClevenger 62 months ago
You got 6 out of 10
It's OK if you forgot a few of these funny couples. Not every TV kiss led to love.
tom78 62 months ago
6/10.........guess I forgot a few...!
thedude1500 62 months ago
Greg and Marsha Brady used to make out quite a bit when not on camera (at least according to Barry Williams' book)
DickPontoon 62 months ago
The answer to #4 is wrong. Mary Ann and the Professor kiss in the episode "Gilligan and the Beanstalk."
DickPontoon 62 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Lacey 62 months ago
I would have included Moonlighting, and Beauty & the Beast form the 1980s.
cperrynaples Lacey 62 months ago
I know Moonlighting is yes, not sure about B&TB!
Geronimo 62 months ago
Guessed on most..........................8/10
DiscoDave 62 months ago
9 out of 10 (missed the WKRP one). What was Matt Dillon thinking :)
UTZAAKE 62 months ago
6/10. Foiled by 1, 6, 7 and 9.
Dasnake 62 months ago
7, what about perry and della?
Tammy 62 months ago
Messed up on Professor/Maryann . Gotta say most awkward kiss was Hawk-eye Margaret in the farewell movie JMO
Tammy 62 months ago
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