Do you know who sang these songs of '63?

Can you name the ten biggest hits of 1963?

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Take a journey way back when with this quiz about the hit songs of 1963. We'll name a song, and all you need to do is name the act that sang it. 

These are the ten biggest hits, according to the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1963. Keep that in mind, there may be multiple cover versions of these songs, but we're looking for the acts who charted the highest with these tunes in '63.

We hope you have a pleasant trip down memory lane. Please share your scores, feelings, and reminiscences in the comment section below!

  1. The biggest hit of '63 is also the easiest question to answer. Tell us who sang "Surfin' U.S.A."
  2. #2 on the Billboard Year-End Top 100 from '63 is "The End of the World," performed by which former Davis Sister?
  3. In this hit from '63, the precipitation reminds the brokenhearted narrator what a fool he's been. But you're not a fool, because you know "Rhythm of the Rain" was performed by The _______.
  4. "He's So Fine" sat on top of the charts for four weeks. Which girl group earned the #4 slot on the Billboard Year End Top 100?
  5. All of these artists recorded a version of "Blue Velvet." Who reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on 21 September 1963 with "Blue Velvet" and remained at No. 1 for the subsequent two weeks?
  6. #6 on the list is "Hey Paula," as recorded by which duo?
  7. "Fingertips - Pt. 1" was the first hit for which Tamla recording artist?
  8. 20 years before The Beat took a reggae re-arrangement to number three in the UK, which artist was the first to score a hit with "Can't Get Used to Losing You?"
  9. "My Boyfriend's Back" was a #1 hit for which of these girl groups?
  10. The Japanese song Sukiyaki spent three weeks at the top of the American Billboard charts in June 1963. Which artist sang it?

Do you know who sang these songs of '63?

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Rayof808 9 months ago
Way too easy ! Too bad they don't pick lyrics from the '60s... That would be fun... They should offer Presley Love's Rock Lyrics book series for those who love the '50s & '60s ! Those are really challenging questions -- esp. the '50s !
Dario 9 months ago
A PERFECT 10!!!!! ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️👌👌👌👌👌 😃😃😃😃😃
ww245 9 months ago
I tried....and failed! LOL! 6/10
dougandandyfan 9 months ago
Don't Throw Your Love Away by
The Searchers .
graceful1970 10 months ago
I got 8 out of 10
Hey not bad! You really know your stuff!
Rayof808 10 months ago
Always nice to talk about '60s songs. I have a book 60's Rock Lyrics & Titles trivia that I got on Amazon by Presley Love...more great questions !
wrs44145 10 months ago
7/10; not too bad considering I was not even born yet when these songs came out.
timothys71 10 months ago
10/10, although I guessed on # 8. I wasn't born until 1971 but am a big fan of 1960's music.
DanDolgin 10 months ago
10/10 I got all of them. The only tricky one was # 10 Sukiyaki. I remember the song. I made my best guess on the most familiar sounding name for the artist on that song. listened to the top 40 hits back in the days on 1260 KYA in San Francisco.
DanDolgin 10 months ago
10/10 Many of those songs are regularly heard. I listed to the top 40 hits back in the days on 1260 KYA in San Francisco.
Rayof808 DanDolgin 10 months ago
...and KEWB...
mzcaligula 10 months ago
8/10 I missed both the girl groups questions
obectionoverruled 10 months ago
7 of 10. Bobby Vinton sold his seafront home on New Pass on North Lido Key in Sarasota. Buyer quickly knocked it down and built 2 new $10 million beauties in its place. Bobby is still alive and is said to be at an assisted living facility in Sarasota.
jonethree 10 months ago
10 for 10 when your 15 you knew all the songs
RobertK 10 months ago
10 for 10. Back when these were on the AM radio, I heard all of these songs over and over. I had a teenaged sister and her transistor radio and music was with her always. Kind of like the way cellphones are with kids today!
Supercat58 10 months ago
Got all 10 but the last two were complete guesses
TheSentinel 10 months ago
10/10 - Wasn't born until 1970, but I first started getting into oldies back in 1987 during DX prowls at night when I discovered KVI Seattle and KSGO Portland on my radio dial.
DaisyDuke67 10 months ago
6/10 before my time. The only help was with the pics I recognized the singer and The Beach Boys one.
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