Do you know these 'Hogan's Heroes' characters?

We'll show you soldiers from both sides of the war. Can you name them?

"I know nothing!" Everyone loves Schultz's catchphrase from Hogan's Heroes.

Of course, it's not entirely true. He did know some things. He could probably pass this test, for example. How about you?

Let's see how well you remember characters from both the Allies and the Axis in this classic 1960s sitcom. Good luck!
  1. It's Louis LeBeau. What was his rank?
  2. Arlene Martel played Spock's bride on 'Star Trek.' Who was she on 'Hogan's Heroes'?
  3. Who is this bigwig with Klink?
  4. Hans Conried was the voice of Disney's Captain Hook. He guest starred in "The Pizza Parlor" as a Major from which country?
  5. On 'Hogan's Heroes' he appeared four times as majors and generals. He later became a TV captain on what show?
  6. He was the "Tierarzt" (animal doctor) who saw to the dogs of Stalag 13.
  7. Who is this?
  8. She appeared as a spy in a handful of episodes.
  9. Who was this Gestapo man?
  10. Who is the guy next to Newkirk?
  11. She was there in Stalag 13 at the beginning.
  12. Who is this RAF man?
  13. This acclaimed 'Taxi Driver' actor made his first screen appearance as an uncredited German soldier in "The Great Imposter."

Do you know these 'Hogan's Heroes' characters?

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STTOS 3 months ago
You got 13 out of 13! - Well done! You are one sharp character, always one step ahead of the rest. As Carter would say, this quiz was a "Piece of pie". :)
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