Do these MeTV shows feature an episode with a haunted house?

See if you can remember who's taken on a neighborhood haunt!


Finding a haunted house in your neighborhood didn't take much when you were a kid. All you needed to see is one silhouette in a window, hear one creaky door, see one window that appears to be lit by a candle's glow in the dead of night, and then — BOO! — there's your haunted house.

Similarly, it's a tactic that many MeTV shows have used for some of our favorite spooky episodes.

Not everyone, however, joined in the fun. We're curious to see if you can remember: Do these MeTV shows feature an episode with a haunted house? The house doesn't have to be truly haunted with supernatural forces (they rarely are) — the characters only have to believe the house is haunted.

See if you can remember all of these haunted (or unhaunted) happenings!

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  1. The Dick Van Dyke Show
  2. Green Acres
  3. M*A*S*H
  4. The Andy Griffith Show
  5. The Flintstones
  6. Charlie's Angels
  7. The Beverly Hillbillies
  8. My Three Sons
  9. Perry Mason
  10. The Monkees

Do these MeTV shows feature an episode with a haunted house?

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RetroMountaineer 43 months ago
Let’s not forget the Brady Bunch episodes “To Move or Not to Move” and “Fright Night” where the kids haunt their own house!
JC 52 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Wow! You could be in haunted real estate. Well done!
Runeshaper 55 months ago
You got 5 out of 10
Not bad! Some of these dwellings clearly made an impact on you.

Didn't know if any of these had haunted houses LOL
DouglasMorris 55 months ago
6/10! missed numbers 5,6,7, and 9.
Rickey 55 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Wow! You could be in haunted real estate. Well done!
Larry 55 months ago
7/10. I missed #9 and a couple of others. Although there wasn't a haunted house in the Perry Mason episode "The Case Of The Deadly Verdict" 1963, It was for me the creepiest episode of that great series. Check it out when you can. Foe me, Steve Franken is the star of this episode and it originally showed on Oct. 17, 1963. I wonder if the writers had Halloween in mind?
cperrynaples Larry 55 months ago
2 weeks before so maybe! I think the writers were struggling about how to reveal the killer and chose to pull a Hitchcock...LOL!BTW, as I pointed out yesterday, Julie Adams was convicted in the opening, but Perry got her to admit she was covering for the real killer! [SPOILER] She was wrong of course as I'm sure Larry is aware! You can see it on CBS All Access!!!
Corey 55 months ago
Other shows Happy Days, Different Strokes.
Krn Corey 51 months ago
Laverne and Shirley
Jeremy 55 months ago
I only got eight. I missed Charlie's Angels, thought it was a possibility and I missed My Three Sons, thought it wasn't a possibility at the end of the episode. Besides, I'd only seen the first season all the way through.
anthony 55 months ago
6/10.Missed 2,6,7,and 9.On #4 Green Acres,there is an episode in season 6 called "The Free Paint Job",where they are trying to paint the house,but it keeps absorbing the paint,while making a sucking sound.Later in the episode they show the house gasping for breath.I figured that could be considered a haunted house.
UnicornPrincess 55 months ago
Oh, and the Dick Van Dyke episode is called 'The Ghost of A. Chantz', not a Chantz.
UnicornPrincess 55 months ago
9/10! Missed My Three Sons, cuz I never watched it! I've also never seen MASH, Flinstones, or Beverly Hillbillies, so I'm lucky I got those.
Moody 55 months ago
8/10, missed #1 & #8. Forgot about those episodes.
cperrynaples 55 months ago
Missed 8 and 9! And really wasn't 4 a DUH question? That was proably Gomer's best episode before he joined the Marines!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 55 months ago
PS 2 more fun facts: [1] It ran 3 weeks before Halloween! Briscoe Declares For Aunt Bee ran Halloween week! [2] The music heard immediately after the credits was clearly reused as the theme for The New Andy Griffith Show! Go to YouTube and watch the premiere!
anthony cperrynaples 55 months ago
That was a good Gomer episode.Probably second best.Also"Man In A Hurry" was a good one.Especially when Gomer says to Andy, "Goober says Hey!"😂.But my favorite has got to be Citizens arrest!,Citizens Arrest!
MrsPhilHarris anthony 55 months ago
Loved "Goober says hey".
anthony MrsPhilHarris 55 months ago
There's actually a Facebook page called,"Goober Says Hey Mayberry Podcast".
MrsPhilHarris anthony 55 months ago
Thanks Anthony. I'm going to check it out.
cperrynaples anthony 55 months ago
PS on my comment: I'm pretty certain the tune the Mayberry marching band plays at the cannon ceremony was the Mayberry RFD theme!
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