Did these things happen in the first episode or last episode of Gilligan’s Island?

How well do you know the beginning and end of this classic sitcom?

Over the course of three seasons, the shipwrecked characters on Gilligan's Island got into all kinds of hilarious, if a tad improbable, adventures.

How well do you know the beginning and end of this classic sitcom? Try to guess if the following things happened in the series premiere or the series finale. Be careful, some might be from both or not from either one!

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  1. Skipper and Gilligan get stuck on a raft surrounded by sharks.
  2. Gilligan goes by the name "Gilliana."
  3. King Kaliwani visits the island.
  4. The professor makes shellac out of coconut sap and sugar, which Gilligan eats.
  5. Ginger and Mary Ann sing and dance.
  6. A radio announcer says the Skipper's name — Jonas Grumby.
  7. Someone sews "SOS" into a sail.
  8. Gilligan writes a message in a bottle.
  9. Gilligan, the Skipper, Thurston Howell and the Professor all dress up as women.
  10. The group hides in a cave on the island.
  11. Thurston Howell does a magic act.
  12. The group is rescued and makes it back to civilization.

Did these things happen in the first episode or last episode of Gilligan’s Island?

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RedSamRackham 9 months ago
* I still say a finale episode should've ended with Maynard G. Krebs waking up from a dream of being Gilligan!
AgingDisgracefully 39 months ago
How old were YOU when you first thought, "You know, Lovey Howell really looks good lately..."?

(I know. I'm a horrible person for asking. My apology's in the mail.)
2 years ago when I saw that old MeTV ad from when the ladies were The HONEYBEES and I thought ALL of them looked cute (but MARY ANN was still my FAVE!)
* Same age when I thought Ralph Monroe looked hot in those white overalls!
frances3agape 39 months ago
Ashamed to admit, but only 2 of 12 !
GI was my younger brother's fave show, not mine
lgbyrne1129 39 months ago
I did quite poorly. Maybe I did not waste as much of my youth as I thought. 🤣
STTOS 39 months ago
You got 11 out of 12 - You did great on this quiz. We solute you! Missed #7 but I was half right since I said first episode and the answer is both. :)
MikefromJersey 39 months ago
10 for 12. I won an excursion on the SS Minnow! The first mate told me that everyone
gathers at Gillis's Grocery Store. Cab driver Rufus Butterworth picks up everyone in his 1924
Lincoln cab, takes us to Bert's Place for a boxed lunch then off we go on a 3 hour cruise.
texasluva 39 months ago

There's no quiz today
MeTV has gone astray
No Multiple choice to pick
Was it Don or was it Rick
So while they are away
I have found other ways
I will give my thoughts to stories
With all their blaze and glories
FLETCH 39 months ago
You got 7 out of 12
This quiz hit hard. Better luck next time!
MrHaney 39 months ago
Only did as well as I did because they ran the first episode this morning!! Please tell me Bob Denver was not really that dense....
FLETCH MrHaney 39 months ago
What "goods" are you selling today, Mr. Haney?
MrsPhilHarris MrHaney 39 months ago
I believe he taught school and had a degree in political science or something.
Wiseguy MrHaney 39 months ago
Bob Denver was not really that dense. Because Bob Denver was the actor. Gilligan was the name of the character. Bob Denver was a real person. Gilligan was the fictional character. Got it now?
Krn 39 months ago
Gilligan’s Island is the epitome of “suspend your disbelief”!
Hogansucks1 39 months ago
6 out of 12 😙. I know they had an episode where they tried to do patch work with some concocted glue on the Minnow- but MAN- FIX the FRICKEN BOAT for crymony sakes- and for a 3 hour tour, isn’t it almost always wise to get the weather report before a excursion on the water!! 🧐😇. I wonder if the Smithsonian has items from the show 🥴. Great quiz. And- Mary Ann-ALL Day fella’s !!! Gee, they never ask the woman WHO they thought of which Men from the island were HOT !!!! ?? It’s a wonder why 😂😂😂 😊 🤪 I’m guessing the majority would go with the Professor 👨‍⚕️
SashaPayneDiaz 39 months ago
10/12 including several lucky guesses.
texasluva 39 months ago
Labor Day Special!

Just sit right back and you'll watch a tale, a tale of a fateful Noir trip
That started from this troubled place, abroad in Ricks Cafe strip
With French men in Moroccan land and Rick brave and sure
To help the people leave that place with Nazi uproar
Be sure you watch this lore
Just a 1 hour and 40 minute plus Noir
Casablanca along with Suddenly too
Movie stars galore
Right here on Labor Day Noir..............

Casablanca (full screen quality great). https://archive.org/details/casablanca-1942

Casablanca (wide screen quality okay). https://archive.org/details/Casablanca1942IngridBergmanHumphreyBogart

Suddenly (Best quality). https://archive.org/details/Suddenly1954HD
MrsPhilHarris texasluva 39 months ago
Oh that's another great movie!

Here's looking at you kid.
Stoney 39 months ago
10 for 12...way better than I expected.
BrittanyDale 39 months ago
This is not a correct test... the story where Gilligan dresses up as a girl is NOT the last episode... the last one is, i believe about the meteorite hitting the island
texasluva BrittanyDale 39 months ago
Season 3 Episode 30-
The last episode of the show, "Gilligan the Goddess", aired on April 17, 1967, and ended just like the rest, with the castaways still stranded on the island.
Wiseguy texasluva 39 months ago
What people call the last episode (implying that it was the last episode filmed or near the last episode filmed) was actually the SECOND episode of the third season (check the production number at the end). Why it was held over is unknown. Maybe they thought it stunk. Arbitrary network aired order is meaningless.
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