Did these popular foods exist back in 1979?

Could you wash down an Egg McMuffin with a Diet Coke?

You have a time machine and travel back to 1979. Naturally, the first thing you do upon arrival is eat. 

We have a list of twenty popular foods — snacks, sodas, candies, cereals, etc. The big question is whether or not you can find these items in 1979. 

Here's a hint: half of them were introduced in the 1970s; the other half arrived in the 1980s. Tell us whether or not these treats existed in '79!
  1. Did Lunchables exist in 1979?
     Image: Kraft
  2. Did Hamburger Helper exist in 1979?
     Image: General Mills
  3. Did Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles exist in 1979?
     Image: Post
  4. Could you drink a Shamrock Shake in 1979?
     Image: McDonald's
  5. Could you scarf down a McRib sandwich in 1979?
     Image: McDonald's
  6. Could you have an Egg McMuffin for breakfast in 1979?
     Image: McDonald's
  7. Could you wash it all down with a Diet Coke in 1979?
     Image: Coca-Cola
  8. Could you nuke a Hot Pocket in the microwave in 1979?
     Image: Nestle / Chef America Inc.
  9. Could you eat a Lean Cuisine for dinner in 1979?
     Image: Stouffer's / Nestle
  10. Could you eat a handful of Reese's Pieces in 1979?
     Image: Hershey's
  11. Could you pour a pack of Pop Rocks in your mouth in 1979?
     Image: General Foods
  12. Could you crunch on some Teddy Grahams in 1979?
     Image: Nabisco
  13. How about Fruit Roll-Ups? Did those exist in 1979?
     Image: General Mills
  14. Did Nerds candies exist in 1979?
     Image: Nestle
  15. Could you chew on a Whatchamacallit in 1979?
     Image: Hershey's
  16. Could you snack on some Tostitos in 1979?
     Image: Frito Lay
  17. Could you have a Skor bar in 1979?
     Image: Hershey's
  18. Could you quench your thirst with a Mello Yello in 1979?
     Image: Coca-Cola
  19. Could you slurp down a Slim Fast in 1979?
     Image: Unilever
  20. Could you blow bubbles with Big League Chew in 1979?
     Image: Wrigley / Ford Gum

Did these popular foods exist back in 1979?

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idkwut2use 33 months ago
Oof, just under half…wasn’t born for another 8 years yet. ^^’
Doom 66 months ago
Oh that's right, TAB was the "diet" Coke of the 70's and I remember a Fruit Roll-Up like snack but it was round, the size of a dinner plate and sold at Pier 1. And now I'm hungry.
BarbaraJeanne 66 months ago
!2/20. Love these quizzes, but, honestly, it's mostly educated guesses on my part. The vfrozen & McD's questions were fairly easy, but some I really had to think about. I have trouble remembering what day I went to the store last week, let alone when SlimFast came out!
Tresix 66 months ago
14/20. I'm really shocked that Diet Coke didn't come out until the Eighties!
Legion1a 66 months ago
13/20 I thought I would do better than that.
ror 66 months ago
wrong ! i had a mcrib in florida in august of 1980
DawnGraham 66 months ago
The ones I missed were just the next year.
anthony 66 months ago
14/20.The most surprising one I missed was slim fast.Did not think it wenr back that far.This was one of the better quizes in a while.
Brownthunder 66 months ago
I didn't do to we'll 8/20 didn't guess to well
Brownthunder 66 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Lucyneenah19701 66 months ago
11 out of 20. I loved Fruit Roll Ups when I was a teenager in the 80's!
UnicornPrincess 66 months ago
11/20. Take another look at the Slim Fast - the lady didn't lose any weight! In the old picture she wore a poofy shirt. In the new picture, she had a dress and better hair. :)
Ah, you found out the secret of advertising. No 'Mad Men' for you.
Poofy shirts weren't around 'til Seinfeld.
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