Did these famous actors get their start in movies or television?

Was their very first role on the big screen or the small one?


Classic television introduced the world to many famous actors. Some of those actors left the small screen to begin long film careers.

On the flip-side, certain actors starred in numerous movies before finding acclaim on television. 

See if you can guess if these famous actors started in movies or on TV!

  1. William Shatner's first screen acting role came in 1951. Was it in a movie or a tv show?
  2. Dick Van Dyke is known for both his TV and film work. Which one gave him his first acting job?
  3. TV made Harry Morgan famous, but is that where he started?
  4. Where did TV icon Carol Burnett get her start?
  5. Andy Griffith acted in movies before landing his own TV show. But where did he first start acting?
  6. Don Knotts got his first acting job in 1951. Was it in a movie or TV show?
  7. Ron Howard became successful directing movies after acting in television. Which medium did he start acting in?
  8. What was Doris Day's very first role in?
  9. Peter Falk switched from TV to film many times, but his first role was in...
  10. Where did James Arness get his start in Hollywood?
  11. Lucille Ball is known the world over for her iconic TV show. Did she start on the small screen?
  12. Clint Eastwood became a movie star after appearing on TV in 'Rawhide.' Where did his very first role come from?
  13. Where did Jackie Gleason get his start?
  14. Another star of both the silver screen and its living room counterpart is Alan Alda. Which one brought him his first acting gig?
  15. Known for many great films, Jodie Foster also acted in TV shows as a child. Where was her very first appearance?
  16. Steve McQueen is loved by many for his classic films. Is that where he started his career?

Did these famous actors get their start in movies or television?

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DerekBird 38 months ago
You got 11 out of 16
You're just starting your trivia career.
Mike 39 months ago
Harry Morgan was NOT in "The Kennel Murder Case".
In 1933, he was 18 years old (born 1915).

The actor in "Kennel" was Ralph Morgan, the brother of Frank (Wizard Of Oz) Morgan.

Henry "Harry" Morgan didn't get into movies until the mid '40s.
Mike Mike 39 months ago
And before anyone says anything, I'm not mixing up Henry Bratsburg (the Harry Morgan we're talking about here) with Henry Lerner von Ost (the Henry Morgan from I'VE GOT A SECRET).
Timothy 41 months ago
11/16 it was a tough one and most right answers were guesses lol
ELEANOR 43 months ago
Phil Silvers and Paul Winchell probably launched a thousand faces.
FLETCH 43 months ago
You got 5 out of 16... Ouch!
dujon55 46 months ago
10 out of 16 pretty tricky test
msglenn 48 months ago
6 of 16 right, all guesses
Evan 49 months ago
11/16. Better than I thought.
daDoctah 49 months ago
Was going to claim that someone goofed, that Carol Burnett was in another show before Paul Winchell's. She played Buddy Hackett's girlfriend on "Stanley", but in checking just now it looks like that aired the year *after* Winchell rather than the year before.
booster 49 months ago
8/16 Never heard of some of those movies.
MarioKlein 49 months ago
It was harder than I thought it be. Got 5 correct answers, but hopefully I learned something.
Joe MarioKlein 49 months ago
My "You got 6 out of 16" wasn't much better.
Kevin 49 months ago
Lucy & Henry Morgan got their start on radio

CraigGustafson Kevin 38 months ago
Lucy wasn't on radio until the 1940s. She was a chorus girl in Goldwyn musicals in the 1930s, and costarred with the Three Stooges in "Three Little Pigskins" in 1935.
Ravens02 49 months ago
I deal so foolish,
Thank you for the
Catman 49 months ago
Well I performed in my usual stunning fashion. 5/16. BTW, Lucille Ball was also in an early 3 Stooges short, I believe it was 3 little pigskins.
MarioKlein Catman 49 months ago
I got 5 correct also.
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