Can you unscramble the names of these Flintstones characters?

Who is "Morgan Crank"?

Image: The Everett Collection

Uh oh! The names of characters from The Flintstones are all mixed up!

See if you can unscramble the names in quotations. Once you put the letters in the correct order, you can then answer the questions!

Good luck!

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  1. What color clothing does "Sniffled Rotten" wear?
  2. What kind of creature is "The Ragtag Ooze"?
  3. What color clothing does "Tubby Elbert" wear?
  4. The famous Hanna-Barbera character "Igor Ebay" makes a cameo in "Swedish Visitors." What kind of animal is "Igor Ebay"?
  5. Is "Yearn Blubber" a male, a female, or a place?
  6. How is "Prelegal Hooplas" related to Fred?
  7. What kind of animal is "Abby Sups"?
  8. "Mt. Laser" sounds like a cool place. But is it a place, an animal or a person?
  9. Finally, "Morgan Crank" is the scrambled name of a celebrity in Bedrock. What kind of celebrity?

Can you unscramble the names of these Flintstones characters?

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Douglas 13 months ago
9/9! easy quiz. Yabba-dabba doo!
Dave 37 months ago
I got 8 out of 9. I missed #3, and I'm pretty bummed because even though I was able to correctly unscramble the clue as Betty Rubble, I missed the color of her clothes! I just wasn't sure what color she usually wore. I kept thinking she wore white!
BrantBarnett 39 months ago
Ann Margrock may be an actor but she's also a pop singer, so I got the last one right
HopeDuchaine 39 months ago
I got 8/9 of them. The last one was confusing.
thedude1500 39 months ago
I'm calling foul on no. 9. Ann-Margaret both sang and acted (often in the same movie).
jholton30062 39 months ago
8/9. I wasn't sure if Ann-Margrock was considered an actress or a singer.
MrBill 39 months ago
5/9; terrible quiz for me. I blew the first 4 questions but got the rest correct.
Runeshaper 39 months ago
You got 9 out of 9
Phew! It's a lot easier when everyone is back to normal. How did you do?

I guessed on 2, but that was fun!
Katzi 39 months ago
The last one could be both!
AllisonWunderland 39 months ago
I'm not even gonna post my score on this one...😳
JERRY6 39 months ago
7 out of 9 took the quiz to early
primetime9567 39 months ago
9-9 I had to think about the last one. Smirk
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