Can you tell the difference between Chuck Connors and Mike Connors?

It's rifleman Lucas McCain versus private detective Joe Mannix!


Images: The Everett Collection

Classic TV stars Chuck and Mike Connors shared more than just a last name. They each had long Hollywood careers in both character and leading roles. They weren’t related but they did have some things in common!

Of course, there are many differences between these two men. Can you guess which of these 13 questions are about Chuck, Mike or both?

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  1. Who was born in the 1920s?
  2. Whose real name was Krekor Ohanian?
  3. Who played basketball in college?
  4. Who played professional basketball for the Boston Celtics before becoming an actor?
  5. Whose first acting role came in a movie from 1952?
  6. Who was credited as "Touch Connors" early in his career?
  7. Who was in the 1957 tear-jerker 'Old Yeller'?
  8. Who filled in for Raymond Burr in an episode of Perry Mason playing attorney Joe Kelly?
  9. Who starred with Charlton Heston in Soylent Green?
  10. Who played the same character on three different shows?
  11. Who had a small role credited as "Amalekite Herder" in the 1956 Cecil B. DeMille epic 'The Ten Commandments'?
  12. Who starred in the 1963 dolphin movie 'Flipper'?
  13. Who played himself in a 1973 episode of 'Here's Lucy'?

Can you tell the difference between Chuck Connors and Mike Connors?

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Pacificsun 14 months ago
More images please, double images per question.
PulsarStargrave 28 months ago
My favorite CHUCK CONNORS movie after SOYLENT GREEN Is still GERONIMO (in which he met his wife!) Say what you will but "Geronimo" and DUSTIN HOFFMAN' LITTLE BIG MAN fueled my interests in Indigenous history and the various cultures!
trogg888 46 months ago
was more of a chuck fan so had to guess on some.didpretty forgotten about flipper which was a favorite movie when i was a kid
GoolieGurl63 46 months ago
I got 10 out of 13, not too bad! ☺️
frenchman71 46 months ago
Didn't do too good, 9/13. When they give "Both" as a choice that threw me off. DYK....I believe Chuck Conners, while as a rookie for the Celtics, was the first player to break the glass backboard going for a lay-up. He was 6'6' and a heluva athlete.
richardkel frenchman71 46 months ago
Also only scored 9/13. It's tough when you have both or neither as a choice.
Diz 46 months ago
I remember Tightrope vaguely from when I was very young. Wish someone would put that one on their schedule.
Muleskinner 46 months ago
11/13. Who could ever forget "Touch Connors?"
CaptainDunsel 47 months ago
Which one played Superman in the 1950s? (No resorting to IMDB!)
MarkSpeck CaptainDunsel 46 months ago
Chuck Connors, as Sylvester P. Superman!
CaptainDunsel MarkSpeck 46 months ago
Ding! Ding! Ding!
Give that man a see-gahr!
frenchman71 CaptainDunsel 46 months ago
That was a good episode. And it was all over delivering a coconut cream pie in Alaska.
MikefromJersey frenchman71 46 months ago
When I was a kid my brother and I would bug our Mom to make us one of those pies every time this episode was on.
trogg888 CaptainDunsel 46 months ago
i know chuck was in a weird episode of the george reeves superman where he was a hick who traveled around with a donkey
Randall 47 months ago
I guess I should buy a lottery ticket I have seen the Riffleman and Mannix on and off over the years new the names ect. but would not call myself an expert on either show score 13 out of 13!
Wiseguy Randall 46 months ago
etc. et cetera.
CaptainDunsel Randall 46 months ago
"The Riffleman"?
Sounds like Bret Maverick shuffling cards.
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