Can you tell the difference between Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball?

How well do you know these two comedy icons?

Image: The Everett Collection

Lucille Ball was a trailblazer in the entertainment industry. She starred in multiple successful sitcoms and was a mogul behind the scenes. It’s no wonder that Carol Burnett has cited her as a hero and an inspiration.

Of course, Burnett is an icon in her own right. These two hilarious women were good friends in real life and appeared on each other's shows many times. While they had some things in common, they were also very different.

Can you tell who is who based on the questions below?

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  1. Whose signature move was a small tug of the ear?
  2. Who started in movies before becoming a TV star?
  3. Who is famous for her Tarzan yell?
  4. Who was born in Texas?
  5. Who was the first woman to own her own television production company?
  6. Who was a natural redhead?
  7. Who was 40-years-old when she started her famous namesake show?
  8. Who modeled early in her career under the name Diane Belmont?
  9. Which TV star also acted on Broadway?
  10. Who has more than 20 Emmy nominations and six wins?
  11. Who has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
  12. Who appeared more times on the cover of 'TV Guide'?
  13. Who appeared in an episode of the 'The Twilight Zone'?

Can you tell the difference between Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball?

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susiewaldridge 4 days ago
Can you tell the difference between Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball?

You got 10 out of 13
Robert 5 days ago
9/13. Some educated guesses and some questions I had absolutely no clue... Both of these women are National Treasures!!
daDoctah 5 days ago
Q: Which one married a drummer younger than herself?
A: Both. Desi was six years younger than Lucy. Carol Burnett's current husband is Brian Miller, principal drummer for the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, 23 years her junior.
galpaula98 5 days ago
Bad break need read some books about
hermanstein2015 7 days ago
7/13 Not too bad, Lucy is my favorite!
geatornez82 7 days ago
12/13. The Emmy question. Well, can't win 'em all.
cynthiab0 7 days ago
12/13 I did better than I thought
Runeshaper 7 days ago
6/13 = EEESH! LOL Love both of these ladies though :)
03161966 8 days ago
I love MeTV! I love the setup starting at 10am mtn time! It makes me happy and brings back alot of memories near and dear to me. Thank you for letting history live!!
nerakr 8 days ago
12/13. Didn't know Lucy did Broadway.
Yep! She sure Mom and older sister saw her on Broadway back in the day 😉
Yes, the play was "Wildcat", and its most famous song was "Hey Look Me Over"!
Below, is a snapshot of the Rat Pack. But it's an incomplete photo. The reason why it is incomplete because none of the Rat Pack Mascots are pictured. Does anybody know what were the names of these 5 folks?
That's easy, for me that is! I'll even name them from oldest to youngest. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford, and Sammy Davis, Jr..
WRONG!!!!! Sammy, Dean, Peter, Joey and Frank were not the names of the mascots. The 5 mascots were: Buddy Greco. Shirley MacLaine. Angie Dickinson. Marilyn Monroe. and Juliet Prowse.
I apologize. I must've not paid attention to the "mascot" part.
frenchman71 8 days ago
I was 8/13. I've watched a lot of "The Lucy Show" & "Here's Lucy" but I've never watched Carol Burnett. That Tarzan call she always did used to turn my stomach. Never a fan of her.
Inrodwetrust 8 days ago
10/13 other then being very pretty never liked Lucy’s shows. Carrol’s on the other hand was an all time classic.
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