Can you remember all these animals on The Waltons?

What kind of critters were Pete, Reckless, Blue and all the others?

There were many animals on The Waltons. Some, like Chance, Reckless and Blue appeared in multiple episodes. Others, like Pete or Lancelot, made memorable “guest” appearances in just one installment.

Do you remember what animals all those names belong to? Try to match each name to the correct animal in the quiz below.

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  1. What animal was affectionately called Old Blue?
  2. The four-legged family member named Chance made recurring appearances on the show. What was she?
  3. Elizabeth’s pet, Molly, gave birth to a baby named Pepper. What are Molly and Pepper?
  4. Jim-Bob’s noisy pet Rover was what kind of animal?
  5. In the first season, Elizabeth takes care of an injured wild animal named Pete. What kind of animal was he?
  6. Family pet Reckless appeared regularly on the show and was a trusty companion to the whole family. What was she (sometimes he)?
  7. Myrtle climbed on top of the Waltons’ shed! What animal was she?
  8. Erin named this young animal Lancelot after she found him stranded in the woods. Lancelot was what kind of animal?
  9. Jim-Bob finds an egg and Grandpa suggests he keep it under is arm to incubate it until it hatches. Grandpa names the bird Jim-Bob Jr. What kind of bird was it?
  10. In “The Ordeal” Elizabeth breaks both her legs. The Baldwin sisters give her an animal named Judy as a gift. Judy was a…
  11. Jim-Bob and Elizabeth give Grandma this animal. She names it Chirpee because it’s a…
  12. An animal named Calico is Elizabeth’s pet…

Can you remember all these animals on The Waltons?

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gunnyp 26 months ago
In one episode their cow "Chance" died, then in a later episode they had another cow named chance, hmm, guess it was a "second chance"😉
SheriHeffner 35 months ago
11 out of 12. I don't remember a horse.
SashaPayneDiaz 35 months ago
5/12 I had no clue so I just picked the 1st choice answer for every question.
texasluva 35 months ago
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The rest of these playing in the near future-Laura, Gilda, To Have and Have Not, Now Voyager, Strangers on a Train, Dial M For Murder and Cry Havoc among others. Happy Watching
TheDavBow3 texasluva 35 months ago
Love Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis (Some Like It Hot). A nice edition to a Grumpiest Old Men movie (part 3, if they made one) would've been Tony Curtis. How great a movie would that have been - Jack, Tony, Walter Matthau, Ann-Margaret, Sophia Loren and maybe add Kim Novak? Mmm .... what if ...?
TheDavBow3 TheDavBow3 35 months ago
Tony will need a girlfriend too 😉
leebillyold texasluva 35 months ago
may I share this to my friends?
Croft1 35 months ago
Jim Bob and the Peacock lol that one sorta stays with you
bnichols23 35 months ago
3. Considering the odds were 25% just by guessing, I'm good with that! -laugh-
Catman 35 months ago
Although I am familiar with the famous closing scene (Goodnight, everyone) I never watched an entire episode of this show. I guessed on every one, and managed to get 2 correct.
Fun anyway!
bnichols23 Catman 35 months ago
I know the feeling. :)
JewelsChuck 35 months ago
I got eleven out of twelve. I’m sorry to those who didn’t fare so well. I guess I pay attention to shows I really like. ☺️
TheDavBow3 35 months ago
5/12. Oh boy, another Walton's quiz! I thought to myself, could I handle the massive excitement if I actually took the quiz? Then I thought, yes, I CAN handle it. Just double up on my Lipitor. Except a pathetic result happened. I knew I should have played the rousing board game first. If #8 had "chimpanzee" as one of the choices, I would've definitely chose that! 😉
texasluva TheDavBow3 35 months ago
That is why I took the easy way out. Either that or I take 4 jabs and right uppercut to the chops. Then I'm TKO'd by the 6th question. So I plead the 5th and refused to answer 🤫
Pacificsun texasluva 35 months ago
I failed the first 3 questions so I quit! Who even knew the Clampetts named those animals. And more importantly what were their stage names! I think we deserve to know!
Couldn't have said it better, Tex! ....... I didn't even leave a post 😂
bnichols23 TheDavBow3 35 months ago
YOU, are too funny! :):):)
TheDavBow3 bnichols23 35 months ago
Lol thanks. Catch the Lancelot Link connection! 😂 Sorry to those diehard fans but .... honestly?
MrsPhilHarris 35 months ago
9/12. I do not remember most of them. A peacock? When I was growing up a peacock lived a block away. So noisy.
MaryAnn MrsPhilHarris 35 months ago
My sister has a peacock as well. They ARE noisy. And poopy! 💩
kens58 35 months ago
Not even going to lower myself to do this quiz. Dumbest one yet!!!!!!!
texasluva 35 months ago
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. I have no idea whom these other pets are. Incomplete 🦆🤷‍♂️
Jeremy 35 months ago
I never really watch the show
It's not my cup of tea
I'm so ashamed to tell you that
My final score's a three!
Catman Jeremy 35 months ago
I only did it for the fun
I couldn't have done worse
My score was less than yours by one
But at least we quipped in verse
Jeremy Catman 35 months ago
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