Can you pass the huge Honeymooners trivia quiz?

Bang, zoom! You'll be over the moon if you can ace this.


He was called The Great One. John Herbert Gleason was born in New York, New York. "Jackie" had a rough adolescence, filled with abandonment, tragedy, street gangs and low-wage work. Once Gleason got his break, few believed the fast-living funnyman would make it last. Yet with his entertainment savvy, drive and charm, he would become one of the titans of 20th-century pop.

He turned his roots into source material for one of the all-time great sitcoms, The Honeymooners. The blue-collar characters lived on television for decades, from their sketch comedy origins to their beloved sitcom to reunion specials.

They even inspired The Flintstones

Yes, the Honeymooners are an American institution. Let's see how well you know them.

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  1. What does Ed Norton do for a living?
  2. Ralph drives a bus. What is the name of the bus company?
  3. Ralph and Norton belong to the Loyal Order of… which animal?
  4. The Honeymooners made their debut in 1951 as a sketch on this DuMont network series hosted by Jackie Gleason.
  5. The characters lived in which borough of New York?
  6. The Kramdens and Nortons lived at which street address?
  7. The half-hour episodes of 'The Honeymooners' sitcom that aired on CBS from 1955–56 are called "The Classic…" this number.
  8. Was 'The Honeymooners' filmed before a live studio audience?
  9. What was the title of 'The Honeymooners' theme song?
  10. Which Honeymooners actor won five Emmy awards for his or her role?
  11. What is Alice's maiden name?
  12. A scene from "The Man from Space" appeared in this beloved 1985 sci-fi blockbuster.
  13. These Italian neighbors lived in the building with the Kramdens.
  14. Who was the first actress to play the role of Alice Kramden on television?
  15. Why was the above actress replaced?
  16. What was the name of Alice's sister?
  17. The color Honeymooners reunions in the 1960s were taped in this city where Jackie Gleason lived.
  18. Norton served in which branch of the U.S. military?
  19. Ralph plays this instrument in "Young Man with a Horn." His father gave it to him.
  20. Ralph goes on this quiz show and flubs a question about the song "Swanee River."
  21. Prior to creating The Honeymooners, Jackie Gleason starred in this sitcom from 1949–50.
  22. The final Honeymooners production aired in this year.
  23. This actress played the role of Alice Kramden from 1966–70.
  24. This actress played the role of Trixie Norton in the "Color Honeymooners" of the 1960s.
  25. Complete the name of this episode: "Dial J for _______"?

Can you pass the huge Honeymooners trivia quiz?

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PulsarStargrave 27 months ago
22/25 but I think I took a similar quiz before!
eric1975 28 months ago
Absolutely LOVE The Honeymooners!!!! Started watching in the late 80’s with my cousin after his shift at the donut shop every weeknight☺️
Filmnoirfan 28 months ago
19/25 - always enjoy watching this show at midnight on Sundays. Gleason and Carney were light years ahead of their time from a comedic standpoint and Meadows was a gem. She was equally as good in a Hitchcock episode
vinman63 30 months ago
I recently saw the Christmas episode where the original Alice forgot the lyrics to Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.
jtrain 34 months ago
15/25, didn't watch this show much, guessed on a lot of them!
LarryS 41 months ago
Aced it. Why or when did Metv start editing episodes?
JERRY6 41 months ago
20 of 25 not bad at least a pass
gcjetfan1952 41 months ago
Never saw a show until last week. I have seen two shows got 13/25. Hope to know a lot more love the show.
hms1952 42 months ago
20/25 The Honeymooners is my favorite sitcom. Funniest episode, "Blabbermouth"
43 months ago
I got 24 out of 25. Got the year of the last episode wrong.
tonygaloppe 44 months ago
You got 23 out of 25. I can't believe I missed 2. Guess I'm getting old.
JERRY6 46 months ago
20 of 25 consider me a tv trivia msaster ?? really the score sucks
kfa9589 47 months ago
23 out of 25. Should have gotten all right. Had to much grape juice.
47 months ago
25 out of 25! Loved this show!
47 months ago
Couldn't make friends with the color episodes of The Honeymooners, with McRae & Kean.
hms1952 Pilaf 42 months ago
Agreed! Cast on the b&w episodes had INCREDIBLE CHEMISTRY!!
lkmont123 48 months ago
23 of 25. Sorry, I’ve never seen the color Honeymooners.
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