Can you pass the colossal Columbo quiz?

This trivia challenge is a real head-scratcher.

Some things never get old, like a favorite raincoat. 

With his crumpled coat, stogies and deceptively bumbling manner, Peter Falk crafted one of television's great all-time characters in Columbo. 

The Columbo mysteries remain a favorite, with a loyal fanbase. And it takes a true fan to pass this colossal Columbo quiz. See if you can get 20 or more correct — and challenge your Columbo fan friends.
  1. What was Columbo's catchphrase?
  2. What is Columbo's rank?
  3. Columbo works for which police force?
  4. What was the name of Columbo's dog?
  5. Columbo drove a battered old car made by what European automaker?
  6. A bronze statue of Columbo and his dog can be found today in what European city?
  7. What breed was Columbo's dog?
  8. What iconic singer-actor turned down the role of Columbo?
  9. What was his reason for turning down the role?
  10. Which famous Hollywood director helmed the first episode of the ongoing Columbo series in 1971?
  11. How many made-for-TV movie pilots aired before that first episode?
  12. Peter Falk had a glass eye in which eye socket?
  13. Though Columbo's first name is never stated, it can be seen on his badge onscreen. What is it?
  14. The Columbo character first appeared in a 1960 episode of which anthology series?
  15. Which actor played Columbo in that episode, titled "Enough Rope"?
  16. The final Columbo mystery with Peter Falk aired in what year?
  17. Which Star Trek actress starred in the title role in the spin-off series 'Mrs. Columbo'?
  18. Which of the three major networks did NOT air an original episode of 'Columbo'?
  19. Which duo created the Columbo character and series?
  20. That duo also created which of the following 1970s TV detectives?
  21. This country singer played the killer in the memorable 1974 episode "Swan Song."
  22. In just one episode, Columbo lets the killer go. What was the episode?
  23. The season two episode "Dagger of the Mind" saw Columbo leaving his home turf for the first time. Where did the episode take place?
  24. In "Murder Under Glass," Columbo shows off his cooking skills for a food critic (and killer). What Italian dish did Columbo make?
  25. This actor portrayed a killer four times, in four different episodes — a record for the series.
  26. In "How to Dial a Murder," two Doberman Pinschers are trained to attack anyone who speaks what famous movie line?
  27. In "Sex and the Married Detective," Columbo reveals he can play what instrument, because it was "the only instrument left" in school.
  28. In a 1977 episode of 'The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast,' Peter Falk showed up in character as Columbo to roast what celebrity?
  29. Peter Falk's second wife appeared in six episodes of 'Columbo.' What is her name?
  30. Just one more…. The episodes "No Time to Die" (1992) and "Undercover" (1994) were adapted from novels written by what bestselling crime author?

Can you pass the colossal Columbo quiz?

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BorisK 17 months ago
It was Ransom for a Dead Man.
Matsui 20 months ago
You got 22 out of 30, one of my all time favorite TV shows, have seen every episode at least once, even the 1989-2003 episodes.
Jeremy 26 months ago
I got 'em all! I have the DVD set!
ChrisandLane 30 months ago
I really hate to see him go. Im glad they filled his spot with Andy Griffith and MASH. I simply refuse to watch Monk.
Matsui ChrisandLane 20 months ago
You can always watch Columbo (1968 - 2003) on COZY TV. They have been showing Columbo since 2018 and before, even now in September 2022.
ekhenry1 39 months ago
Hi, 19 out of 30. Not to good lol.
DarioWiter 46 months ago
22 out of 30. Not bad! I missed 11, 12, 14, 20, 25, 26, 27, and 29. 😁😁😁😁😁
EllisClevenger 65 months ago
You got 20 out of 30
Nice work! Celebrate with some silly string! Nothing gets by you. Perhaps you should go into the detective business.
Joe 66 months ago
27/30 hard gun smoke quiz easyer 12/12
Shadowdancer 68 months ago
29/30 I can't believe Dean Martian's excuse was it would take time out from his golfing.
Michael Shadowdancer 66 months ago
It was Bing Crosby who turned down the role in favor of golf
scp 68 months ago
27 out of 30, and the ones I missed weren't really about the show.
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