Can you name these heartthrobs on the covers of old teen magazines?

Decades before Bieber, there was Bobby. Lots of Bobbies.

No matter when you grew up, at some point you were a teen. Which means that, at some point, you had crushes on celebrities.

That's why the entire teen magazine publishing industry exists! Back in 1964, Chuck Laufer launched Tiger Beat magazine. Beatlemania and the British Invasion helped the market explode. Soon, English rockers and sitcom stars were pasted all over the newsstand. 

Davy Jones and David Cassidy were regulars, the One Direction of their day. Let's see if you can name these other dreamboats. 
  1. He can be often seen on MeTV, along with his brothers.
    Image: Tumblr
  2. This issue — like many others — was all about "Bobby." Which Bobby?
    Image: 3_cool_cats / Flickr
  3. Who is the guy on the right?
  4. Here's another sitcom star. He was dubbed a "Swingin' Egg-Head!" That must have been a compliment in 1962.
  5. She was one of 'The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.'
    Image: vintagedisneylandtickets / Pinterest
  6. Who's the actor on the far left?
    Image: Flickr
  7. Who's the fellow on the right with the dark bangs?
    Image: Pinterest
  8. This teen supermodel graced the cover Seventeen magazine a whopping 15 times in the 1960s — five times in 1964 alone.
    Image: solo-vintage / Tumblr
  9. Tiger Beat Magazine was originally called '_____ _______'s Tiger Beat,' named after this popular TV presenter. That's him in the upper left.
  10. Same cover, different question. This is the first ever issue of Tiger Beat. Who is the duo featured on the cover?
Can you name these heartthrobs on the covers of old teen magazines?

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