Can you name these citizens of Mayberry?

See if you can spot these characters from 'The Andy Griffith Show.'

Mayberry was the idyllic American town. There were small business owners, churchgoers, good ol' boys, beauties, charming children and more. There were enough colorful characters in that fictional North Carolina hamlet to fill multiple sitcoms. The following folk all appeared on The Andy Griffith Show — and some even went on to pop up on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and Mayberry R.F.D.

Here are some familiar faces that appeared multiple times in Mayberry. Can you name the characters?

  1. Who's this?
  2. Who are these two?
  3. Who's this woman barging in?
  4. How about this feller?
  5. Oh, it's on the tip of your tongue…
  6. Huh? I know this!
  7. This man was in six episodes.
  8. Who's the guy in the blue?
  9. That's a fancy tie.
  10. Who is the boy closest to Opie? He's one of his reoccurring friends.
  11. She's sadly didn't stick around for long.
  12. This woman just wants a pretty lamp shade from her boyfriend.

Can you name these citizens of Mayberry?

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Gary 29 months ago
Clara Edwards was Clara Johnson in the first season.
Pauly_789 29 months ago
12 for 12!
How could you not get 100% on a quiz for the best TV show ever!
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