Can you name these celebrities who appeared on M*A*S*H?

Prove that you're the one who should be called Hawkeye!

The laughs we got from M*A*S*H stretched across 11 seasons, and over all that time, you can bet they pulled in some major stars. 

Whether these celebrity guest stars arrived on a stretcher bound for surgery or as a new love interest to sneak off with Hawkeye, it was always fun to see who would show up next on the hit show that aired from 1972 to 1983.

Below, we've grabbed some of our favorite guest stars from M*A*S*H to challenge you to remember the movie or TV show they're best known for. Good luck!
  1. Which TV child star is the patient pictured below?
  2. Which leading lady who launched a hit '80s show is pictured here?
  3. Pictured below is the star of which massively popular '80s movie?
  4. Pictured here is the star of which '70s sitcom?
  5. Pictured here is a comedic actress who memorably starred in which hit '90s film?
  6. On the stretcher is an award-winning actor who played a memorable character in which huge sci-fi movie franchise?
  7. Pictured to the right here is a hilarious character actor likely best remembered for starring in which hit comedy?
  8. Pictured here is which brash comedian who's appeared in TV shows and movies since the '80s?
  9. This movie star was nominated for an Oscar in the '70s for which hit film?
  10. Pictured here is a lovable cast member on which hit '80s show?
  11. Pictured here is an actor TV fans will remember from which hit sitcom?
Can you name these celebrities who appeared on M*A*S*H?

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