Can you name these 1960s rock bands from their fonts?

Love classic rock? You're just the "type" to take this quiz.

The Beatles. The Stones. The Who. The Kinks. 

These names sit on the highest pillars in the hall of fame. Everyone has heard of them. These 1960s rock pioneers still appear on millions of T-shirts. 

So you've undoubtedly seen their names countless times, right? The thing is, it can be a little tricky to identify their iconic logos one letter at a time. But we think you can do it.

We took one single letter from classic band logos. Can you name the correct band? Good luck!
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  1. You've certainly come across this "T".
  2. Which band used this "D"?
  3. Which band featured this "B"?
  4. Which act had this unique double "H"?
  5. Anyone recognize this unique "N"?
  6. How about this "G"?
  7. This "S" kept things in tune.
  8. Perhaps you remember this "P"?
  9. Who used this "A"?
  10. Oh, say can you see who used this "O"?
  11. Who had this "Y"?
  12. Do you recognize which act dotted its "i" this way?
  13. Now this is one groovy "R"!
Can you name these 1960s rock bands from their fonts?

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