Can you name all these ladies of Mayberry?

The prettiest faces popped up to break up Mayberry's boys club.

We all know the men of Mayberry: Andy, Barney, Gomer, Goober, and so many others that made us laugh while the boys laid down the law in their lighthearted way. But how well do you know the ladies of Mayberry?

Today's quiz asks you to please remember your manners and put a name to all these pretty faces we saw waltzing around Mayberry. 

Only the biggest fans can name every single lady. Good luck!

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  1. Let's start with the show's matriarch. This is Andy's aunt, but what's her name?
  2. Here's one of Andy's most recognizable girlfriends, who also appeared on Mayberry R.F.D. and Return to Mayberry. What was her name?
  3. Speaking of Andy's love life, do you remember his first sweetheart on the show, the pharmacist shown here?
  4. In the center here is The Darlings' occasional singer and arguably the love of Ernest T. Bass' life. What was her name?
  5. Andy's aunt had a best friend on the show, and this is her. Remember her name?
  6. Barney met a few heartthrobs along the way, too, like this gal shown here:
  7. This is the overbearing mother of which character on The Andy Griffith Show?
  8. This lady would drop into episodes from time to time to chat with Andy's aunt. Do you remember her name?
  9. It didn't take long for this nurse to become another of Andy's girlfriends. Do you remember her name?
  10. Last question. When Barney is trying to help Andy get over a broken heart, he sets a double date with these two, who always appeared together:

Can you name all these ladies of Mayberry?

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