Can you name all these classic TV stars in The Flying Nun?

Do you recognize these character actors, famous sitcom faces and future household names?

After Sally Field’s beloved but short-lived Gidget was canceled after one season, it wasn’t long before another show scooped up the talented teen actor. In 1967, The Flying Nun was the latest entry in a trend of Sixties sitcoms with far-out premises: witches and genies caught on, but talking cars? Not so much.

The Flying Nun ran for three seasons, ending in 1970. Airing the last three years of the 1960s meant it could capitalize on a variety of guest stars – up-and-coming actors who would later break out in the Seventies, former child stars from early Sixties sitcoms and even fan-favorite TV hosts and comedians from the time.

Here are ten famous faces who all appeared in The Flying Nun. How many can you name?

  1. You may recognize this actor from her time in Mayberry…
  2. Who is this sitcom dad?
  3. Do you recognize this sitcom star?
  4. She appeared in The Flying Nun before Seventies stardom…
  5. Who is this famous TV face?
  6. Do you recognize this former teen star with a mustache?
  7. Who is this classic TV actor?
  8. He played a doctor in The Flying Nun before his most famous medical role…
  9. Who is this famous comedian?
  10. This TV host was a fitting choice to play Claudio the Clown…

Can you name all these classic TV stars in The Flying Nun?

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HopeDuchaine 5 months ago
9/10. I don't remember seeing #10.
cantankerous2022 5 months ago
10 out of 10, this was an easy one.
Allison 5 months ago
9/10 got the last one wrong!
JAWhitman 5 months ago
8/10 not badI thought but Mother Superior didnn't think so

Coldnorth JAWhitman 5 months ago
Same score as you. Haven’t this show in years
kidhickey 5 months ago
i did pretty bad i got only 6 out of 10 , i watched the Flying Nun , but i was very young i like the show but i didn't care who the stars was but at age 6 to 9 i didn't much care , i just was amazed at how she could fly and wanted to be able to fly like that Non LOL .
NinaLove123 5 months ago
9/10 Brings back sweet memories.
JDWJDW2 5 months ago
I truly enjoyed seeing The Flying Nun yesterday afternoon. Sally Field was soooooo freaking cute then. I enjoyed the scenes with singing and children.
audie65 5 months ago
Loved "The Flying Nun" Sunday Block Party . It was the perfect amount of time (a few hours) to watch the show again after almost 50 years. Perfect for a day, but not good enough for every week. Kinda like "Full House". I know they are re-making "The Fall Guy" as a movie with Ryan Gosling. Was thinking that could be a good show to add to the line up. Less "Full House" and add "The Fall Guy".
MrBill 5 months ago
10/10; guessed on #10 but knew all of the rest.
Pastorgman 5 months ago
10/10 - I ‘flew’ away with that one (pun intended)!
Toot1956 5 months ago
10/10, I guess at # 10 never hear of the clown!!!
kirkindog 5 months ago
9/10. How could I have mistaken Tony Dow for Dwayne Hickman?
EdCaf kirkindog 5 months ago
It looks just like Tony Dow.
Wenatchee7 5 months ago
10/10 brings back childhood memories.
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