Can you match these unfortunate haircuts to the correct sitcoms?

Who had these messy buzzcuts, poofy perms, and bad dye jobs?


Sometimes you just need a haircut. But careful what you wish for. If sitcoms have told us anything, it's that scissors or dye in the wrong hands can lead to truly bad hair days.

We've gathered some memorable hair surprises from classic shows. 

See if you can recognize the characters under the follicle follies. 

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  1. This might be the most famous bad haircut in sitcom history. Which kid got it?
  2. Who is this blond?
     Warner Brothers
  3. Do you recognize this blond Brady perm? Which Brady head is it?
     CBS Television Distribution
  4. She was not happy with this two-tone look.
     Genesis International
  5. Who was rocking this perm?
     CBS Television Distribution 
  6. Who is about to get a bad haircut here?
     CBS Television Distribution
  7. Bzzzzzzzzz.
     CBS Television Distribution 
  8. He was so unsatisfied with this haircut, he had to secretly see another barber.
     CBS Television Distribution
  9. Who is this with the surprised look?
     CBS Television Distribution
  10. Nobody was green with envy for this look.
     CBS Television Distribution
  11. Who had this disastrous 'do?
     CBS Television Distribution
  12. Name this '80s sitcom.
     CBS Television Distribution 
  13. Before Brad's college reunion, this couple got embarrassing haircuts. Name this 1950s sitcom.
     Re-TV Networks, LLC

Can you match these unfortunate haircuts to the correct sitcoms?

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Charleshorse 4 months ago
Imho, Margaret's perm hairdo was no worse than any other of her hairdos in the later episodes of MASH. Did not like the bangs nor her pure white hair.
Mercer4life49 4 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
Well, you know what they say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I didn't know the last question.
Wendy57 4 months ago
Missed #10 and made a lucky guess on #13.
Love The Beaver’s hairdo at the end.
Looks like a cute little wolf man.
OldtruckTommy 4 months ago
13/13 , I have to admit , I Married Joan was a total guess. Before my time.
Toot1956 4 months ago
11/13 Unfair alot theses shows I've never seen or heard of, use MeTv shows only please.
FLETCH 4 months ago
11 out of 13. Did done better than I done figured I would
JERRY6 4 months ago
10 of 13 fail
FLETCH JERRY6 4 months ago
MaryAnn 4 months ago
12/13 I forgot Ted Danson was in Taxi and went straight for the Diane Chambers choice.
tootsieg MaryAnn 4 months ago
Same thing happened to me. The trick question. 😊
csonka71 4 months ago
8/13. Guess Ima beauty school dropout. No graduation day for me. Lol.
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