Can you match these Oscar-nominated actors to the right show?

These movie stars were in sitcoms, Westerns and sci-fi shows from the Sixties through the Eighties.


Classic TV has no shortage of acclaimed actors. Some came to the small screen after making a name for themselves in the early days of motion pictures while others used guest spots on popular shows to launch their movie star ambitions. 

Here are 15 Oscar-nominated actors who all appeared in classic series. Can you guess which show each image is from?

  1. Robert Redford has won three Oscars for directing and producing and was nominated for acting in 'The Sting'. What show is he in here?
  2. Alfred Hitchcock was nominated for five Oscars but never won. Which show is parodying him here?
  3. Ellen Corby earned an Oscar nomination in the 1940s before she was Grandma Walton and before she played another relative in this sitcom.
  4. Before Tom Hanks was a six-time Oscar nominee and two-time winner, he appeared in this show.
  5. After becoming the first Latin American woman nominated for an Oscar, Katy Jurado appeared here in which Western?
  6. John Wayne was nominated for three Oscars, winning once, and stopped by which sitcom here?
  7. Screen icon Ginger Rogers earned one Oscar win and later appeared in this show.
  8. Before he was an Oscar-nominated actor, Laurence Fishburne appeared here in...
  9. Six-time Oscar nominee and two-time winner Anthony Hopkins was singled out in the audience of which variety show?
  10. Before she got an Oscar nomination for starring in MASH the movie, Sally Kellerman appeared in a unique episode of which sci-fi series?
  11. Robert Vaughn got an Oscar nomination before his TV stardom. Here, he guest starred with Dawn Wells in which Western?
  12. Which Western is four-time Oscar nominee Barbara Stanwyck in here?
  13. Decades before his Oscar win, James Coburn appeared in many Westerns, including this one.
  14. Before winning an Oscar and getting nominated six other times, Robert Duvall played a creature in which sci-fi show?
  15. Gary Busey was nominated for an Oscar early in his career, not long after appearing in this Western series.

Can you match these Oscar-nominated actors to the right show?

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tbrian 5 months ago
You got 12 out of 15
Were you able to clearly see all the right answers?
Pacificsun 18 months ago
Great Quiz!

Thanks for including Robert Vaughn!
bagandwallyfan80 27 months ago
Happy Days Quiz
Article on Whatever Happened To The Cast Members Of
Happy Days ?
Here's the challenge to how you phrased your Fan Made Quiz suggestion. MeTV won't present a Quiz unless there are real answers and make sense. Technically, what happened to most of the characters mentioned about, is that the writers were no longer including them in storylines. Of course, imaginary characters don't disappear, they never existed.

However to be successful with a Quiz idea, the question could be rephrased to ask.

After the [above named character = actor's name] appeared the [Series named] what was the next TV Show or Film did he appear in?

That'll take a little time researching, by calling up Wikipedia, but at least it will help you to continue enjoying the characters who you like thinking about. 🦃
DIGGER1 27 months ago
Can you match these Oscar-nominated actors to the right show?
You got 13 out of 15
Were you able to clearly see all the right answers?
LH 27 months ago
10/15 I got all the ones with the shows I watched. Anything with Mash, Carol Burnett and the westerns, I’m lost
bagandwallyfan80 27 months ago
Could someone Post Photos of
Practical Jokers Wally Plumstead played by Skip Young
And Bag ZOMBROSKI played by Neil J SCHWARTZ ?
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The Happy Days Companion by Edward Gross.ead published by
Pioneer Books in 1991.
Nope don't know which Ozzie and Harriet episode has A Message From Kris.
Someone that I know
DOWNLOADED The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet episode called
A Message From Kris
And this person I know
Put the Episode A Message From Kris UNDER one of the
METV Articles but I can't remember which METV Had A Message From Kris downloaded under One of
The METV Articles.
I remember you saying when you used your bagandwally52 screename that you had a friend upload it for you. Perhaps you should check your comments under your bagandwallyfan52 name to find it.
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