Can you guess the Waltons episode just from its description?

Hint: Correct answers start with “The…”


Over nine seasons, The Waltons told a variety of stories. Some funny, some sad and some that give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Most had all of the above! There were even creepy episodes and episodes dealing with serious real-world events.

How well do you know The Waltons? Can you guess what the title of an episode is just from a short description? Take the quiz to find out!

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  1. In the show’s first episode, the family finds a deaf girl on their doorstep.
  2. A young preacher comes to town and drinks a bit too much of the Baldwin sisters’ famous recipe.
  3. The Walton children receive cryptic messages when they play with a spirit board.
  4. Grandpa Zeb wins a sculpture in a raffle but Grandma notices it looks remarkably similar to Zeb’s old girlfriend.
  5. John-Boy gets his stories printed in a real book but soon finds out he has to cover the publishing costs.
  6. Mary Ellen dreams of becoming a nurse but realizes she has more to learn before nursing school.
  7. Erin graduates from high school but is unsure about her future.
  8. A relative of the Baldwin sisters visits from Europe trying to escape the horrors of war.
  9. Elizabeth’s active imagination creates rumors about a local family spying for Germany.
  10. Store owner Ike Godsey suffers a heart attack and the Walton children pitch in to keep things running.
  11. Erin and Mary Ellen challenge the men in a ‘Run and Ride’ race.
  12. Jim-Bob and a friend learn a valuable lesson after getting into an accident.

Can you guess the Waltons episode just from its description?

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Cowgirl 46 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
Good job! You could be an honorary Walton family member.
I love watching The Waltons. I wish there were more shows on TV like it.
VictoriaMathis 50 months ago
Yay.....12 of me some Waltons!
SheriHeffner 51 months ago
12 out of 12. I have watched every single episode of The Walton's. I have been a fan since it was first on the air. I watched it straight until the very last episode on CBS, when Mork And Mindy was killing their rating and John, Olivia and Grandma was no longer there and Robert Whiteman was John Boy. I have even seen all the reunion movies. The Walton's will always be one of my favorite television programs.
RobCertSDSCascap 51 months ago
11/12. Not saying it's too easy, but I never watched a complete episode.
Debbie 51 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
Good job! You could be an honorary Walton family member.
MarkEd Debbie 51 months ago
Little Debbie Walton, the sweet sister. 😉
DouglasMorris 51 months ago
9/12! missed numbers 5, 11, and 12.
anthony 51 months ago
11/12.Missed #3,but could have been a lot worse.
teire 51 months ago
11/12. All guesses, I did not actually know a single answer.
Utzaake teire 51 months ago
12/12. Same circumstances.
Jeremy 51 months ago
I almost can't believe I got them all! I've really only seen one episode and that was "The Attack." I've seen a few more but none of them mentioned. I don't normally watch this show. I just read the synopsis and just went with what I felt made more sense. It paid off, thank God.
Lillyrose 51 months ago
9 out of 12. "The First Day" is my favorite Waltons episode. It's funny! I also like 'The RIng," (I think that's what it is called -- when John Boy sees Mary Ellen and Erin searching for a lost ring in the yard). It's funny, too!
The episode about the dance marathon is fascinating. I haven't heard of that before.
SheriHeffner Lillyrose 51 months ago
One of my favorites was The Children's Carol. This was a very sad episode where two English children Tess and Pip came to stay with the Walton family. These poor children were shell shocked. It's a real tear jerker, especially at the end. Kami Cotler's younger brother Jeff played Pip and this marvelous little girl named Sally Boyden played Tess.
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