Can you guess which TV show the cast of Gilligan's Island is on?

Revisit every other fateful trip they took us on.

The cast of Gilligan's Island did so much more than take a three-hour tour.

These actors were genuine stars, appearing on the most cherished shows in classic TV history.

Think you can track the cast of Gilligan's Island across different roles they played over time?

Scroll through the scenes below and see if you can guess what show the castaways appeared on. Good luck!

  1. Before Gilligan's Island, we saw Bob Denver guest star on which TV show pictured below?
  2. Natalie Schafer played a charm school instructor on which classic show?
  3. Jim Backus came to be entertained on which classic TV show?
  4. Alan Hale Jr. is toasting a beauty from the cast of which classic Western?
  5. Russell Johnson's shaky pilot skills has the star of which classic sitcom scared here?
  6. Tina Louise lost the frills to play a simple cowgirl on which Western pictured here?
  7. Dawn Wells struck up a romance that didn't quite stick in which classic Western?
  8. Natalie Schafer played a very particular customer on which sitcom?
    Image: The Program Exchange
  9. Russell Johnson invented a time machine that caused trouble on which classic show?
  10. Alan Hale Jr. is serving drinks to the police chief on which 1960s show?
  11. Bob Denver is all dolled up for a date on which classic show?
  12. Tina Louise served as the judge of a modeling contest entered by a TV teen on which 1980s sitcom?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  13. Dawn Wells was a guest at a party Faye Dunaway threw on which classic show?
  14. Last question. Jim Backus was the only guy left in a ghost town discovered on which TV show?
Can you guess which TV show the cast of Gilligan's Island is on?

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MrHaney 6 days ago
12/14. Thought James Garner was James Arness
Tresix 6 days ago
13/14, missed the one of Wells with the knife. I guessed "Rawhide" although I had the cursor poised over "Maverick" but switched!
Wiseguy 7 days ago
Dawn Wells, Alan Hale and Jim Backus all appeared on The Wild Wild West (Hale and Backus in the same episode although they shared no scenes-this episode also featured a bit of Gilligan's Island music from the CBS music library).
Terrence 7 days ago
Never watched Columbo........................13/14
Whitedevil 7 days ago
Why can't they make TV shows like this today that's why I hang out at me TV all the time
Siglund 7 days ago
Rats! Missed the one with Faye Dunaway...
Allison 7 days ago
13/14 Got that first Dawn Wells question wrong.
Lacey 7 days ago
13/14 - Missed the FIRST Dawn Wells appearance.
Gregory 7 days ago

#10 A Batman episode where Alan Hale, Jr played a bumbling server who Chief O'Hara called Gilligan.
MrBill 7 days ago
11/14; missed the last three. Should have had the last one correct - I knew it but hit the wrong answer by mistake.
Alanakt MrBill 7 days ago
I did the wrong square also, I knew the answer but clicked the answer underneath, getting me 11 out of 14
Lacey MrBill 7 days ago
I WOULD have missed #13 but that episode was on just a week or two ago.
RedSamRackham 7 days ago
Bob Denver replacing Hoke Howell as Dud Wash on that Andy Griffith Show episode was rather bizarre indeed. ♣
Jon RedSamRackham 7 days ago
It's funny that Denver replaced Howell here, as Howell played the gas station attendant on THE BRADY BUNCH who directed the Bradys to the ghost town inhabited by Jim Backus' prospector.
Lucyneenah19701 7 days ago
10 out of 14. I didn't like the Ghost Town episodes of The Brady Bunch. It was kind of spooky.
I love the "I Love Lucy" episode "Charm School." And Natalie Schafer was great in it! Hilarious episode! One of my favorites!
I didn't see any of the other episodes listed.
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