Can you guess which family show these random kids are on?

This tough quiz surprisingly ain't kid stuff.

On family shows from the 1950s to the 1990s, we watched kids grow up, and along for the ride were all the classmates, neighbors, friends, cousins and other youngsters who wandered onscreen to support our favorite child stars.

It would be awfully tough to keep all those random kids you saw on TV straight, but today, you don't have to remember who these kids were. You just have to figure out from context clues what family show they're on.

Only the most loyal fans of family shows can score 7/10. Good luck!
  1. This kid's brown-bagging it because he's about to go fishing on which family show?
  2. She just found a rubber spider in her sleeping bag on an episode of which family show?
  3. That's Butch Patrick, who played a recurring character on this other family show before and after his Munster days.
  4. We attentively watched this show's young star grow up alongside classmates like this on which family show?
  5. Here's another classroom scene we saw a lot of in the '80s on which family show?
  6. Here's a bunch of boys who are trying to keep their friend's pesky younger brother from tagging along on which family show?
  7. You may remember this kid from when he taught a certain well-behaved boy on this family show how to throw a tantrum:
  8. Here's another recurring character who was a memorable classmate of the star of which family show?
  9. See if you can tell which family show's famous entryway this young girl is posing in:
  10. These kids were all contestants on a quiz show where the TV star they were up against on the other team totally frozen from nerves. Which family show was it?
Can you guess which family show these random kids are on?

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