Can you guess which classic Western these animals are from?

There were more than just horses and cattle in the television Old West.

While many sitcom families had a dog and the occasional police procedural might involve an animal or two, the shows keeping the Hollywood animal trainer industry alive and thriving in the 1950s and 60s were Westerns.

Horses and cattle go with the territory but certain episodes called for more specific species. Here are ten animals from classic Westerns that stand out from the usual frontier livestock. Can you guess which show each animal was in?

  1. What is this elephant from?
  2. This camel stood in for a horse on which Western?
  3. This buffalo was the title character in the episode "Clyde" of which show?
  4. Which Western had a room full of rabbits?
  5. This kitten accompanied an outlaw on which series?
  6. Which Western featured this sheep herd?
  7. This mountain lion attacked a character in which series?
  8. Not many cowboys drove a dogsled team, but nothing was out of the question for the hero of which show?
  9. This faithful dog named Tiger appeared in which Western?
  10. This black cat showed up in which series?

Can you guess which classic Western these animals are from?

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RichLorn 7 days ago
Have they done a quiz on TV horses yet? I know my forelocks from my withers.
And if MeTV picks up on this idea I want honorable mention.
Jaxter14 RichLorn 1 day ago
I could name a few here: Trigger, Silver, Fury, Flica, Mr. Ed after that I’d really have think. 🤔
Zip 7 days ago
9/10 Missed #10. Should have been a lot worse though, since plenty were guesses. If not for clues like Festus' big hat and Michael Landon in some of the questions, I wouldn't have know those. The only one I knew for sure(and not from any hint) was #9, because I have been watching a lot of Wanted Dead Or Alive lately.
TSeym22 7 days ago
6/10 Should have been 7 correct, but I accidentally hit the wrong choice on #4. I recognized Little Joe, so I did know it was Bonanza. Sigh . . .
Cowgirl 8 days ago
You got 10 out of 10
You weren't kitten around on this quiz. Great job!
Riff60 8 days ago
5/10 I’ll show myself out
dodgebob Riff60 8 days ago
I'm right behind you with the 5/10, I smelt something bad during the whole thing.
DianeMcHugh 9 days ago
9 out of 10. Missed the little dog.
Dajj 9 days ago
9/10 Seeing some of the characters in the pics helped!!
Mac2Nite Dajj 8 days ago
Same here...9/10... and for the exact same reason 😉😂
SkyeAnne 10 days ago
I thought I would do at least better than I did lol, I thought by looking at the pictures would help but there were more questions on shows that I haven’t gotten really interested in watching, I still love this station!!
justjeff 10 days ago
6/20... I took a 'paws' to guess on some of these questions, and ended up with 'ruff' results. Wahl, I'll be 'dogged'! No need to 'pussyfoot' around here - and I ain't 'lion'... I've been 'buffaloed'. Perhaps if I had spent a lot of time with my eyes glued to the TV as many other TV watchers have, I'd have done better... but I'd probably still end up getting the 'bird'...

I feel kind of 'sheepish' admitting my shortcomings, burt I don't have an 'elephant's' memory when it comes to animal guest stars. Since I don't smoke, I wouldn't even walk a mile for a 'camel'... No 'bull'!

So, for any lowdown 'snake' in the grass who wants to criticize my poor quiz showings... I'll take you on with 1950s rock and roll trivia...
hmjentsch 10 days ago
10-10 had to guess on Black cat!
TheCalawayRanch 10 days ago
Had fun with this,learned a lot.
Should of done better
country46 10 days ago
I really screwed this up hate to say 3 of 10
Coldnorth country46 10 days ago
I only got one more than you. Only western I like is wild wild west
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