Can you guess which classic TV show originated these common phrases?

Let's be careful out there (in this quiz)!

Everyday sayings can be so ingrained in our language that it can be difficult to even remember where they came from. But would you be shocked to learn that many of our popular phrases actually came from television? If you wouldn't be, you're sure to ace this quiz!

  1. We'll start with an easy one. When Jack Nicholson sticks his freaky little face through the door in The Shining and says, "Here's Johnny!" What popular talk show is he referencing?
  2. You might call someone a "Poindexter" to indicate that they're a bit of a dork. Where did the phrase originate?
  3. What show popularized the phrase "You rang?"
  4. The phrase "Get out of Dodge" means to get out of town or the area. What western originated the phrase?
  5. Although "Nimrod" was originally used to describe someone skilled, this television show used the word mockingly, leading many to assume the true use of the word was to actually describe someone who wasn't too bright.
  6. What television show popularized someone calling another person a "Meathead"?
  7. Which show originated the character of "Gomer," a name now used to insult people?
  8. If someone warns "Let's be careful out there," what show are they referencing?
  9. To "Jump the shark" is a phrase used to describe a show that has gone on too long. What television show depicts a plot that originates this phrase?

Can you guess which classic TV show originated these common phrases?

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Dajj 13 days ago
8/9. As the great Snagglepus once said, “Exit, stage right!”
Coldnorth 16 days ago
I know a high school who’s mascot are the Nimrods. No kidding
braycy 23 days ago
Hmmm 7/9 I've never referred to anyone as a 'Gomer' but called many idiots a 'Goober!'
AllisonWunderland 24 days ago
7/9…Got #5 wrong and didn’t watch HSBs. But I got the rest of em’ 😆
BorisK 25 days ago
8/9 I remember the Fonzie 'Jump the Shark' episode ... wow, awful.
DonnaNMI 25 days ago
9/9 only guessed on Felix the Cat
BorisK DonnaNMI 25 days ago
What? Felix had GREAT characters! Rock Bottom, the Professor, Vavoom (my favorite), The Master Cylinder ... Felix was The Bomb if you were 4 and 5 in 1962-64!
He was the Bomb after 64’ too 😉
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