Can you guess what these Brady Bunch cast members are selling in these vintage commercials?

They sold everything from candy bars to cooking oil!


In the Brady Bunch season-three episode "And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor," the whole family is chosen to be in a laundry detergent commercial. Mike has reservations because they don’t use the brand in the commercial and, naturally, complications ensue.

The Brady Kids were excited to be in their first TV ad, but many of the actors who played them had already or were about to be in plenty of real commercials.

Here are images from Brady actors in commercials from the 1960s, '70s and beyond. Can you guess what they're advertising in each one?

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  1. Before she was Marcia, Maureen McCormick was in a commercial for which 1960s doll?
  2. McCormick later demonstrated the movements of the new articulating...
  3. Susan Olsen was in a commercial for this doll non-coincidentally named...
  4. What drink is Florence Henderson selling in this commercial?
  5. Anne B. Davis had the "Fairlane feeling" in this commercial for which car brand?
  6. After playing Bobby, teenage Mike Lookinland was in this commercial for...
  7. Greg himself, Barry Williams, was in a commercial for which candy bar?
  8. After playing Peter, Christopher Knight was also in a candy bar commercial for...
  9. After playing Jan, Eve Plumb was in this commercial for the fast food chain...
  10. Florence Henderson was also in many commercials like this one for...
  11. What soda is Barry Williams selling here?
  12. Allan Melvin played Alice's boyfriend, Sam, but was also a plumber in many commercials for...

Can you guess what these Brady Bunch cast members are selling in these vintage commercials?

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dazeofwine 11 months ago
11/12 Jan like she has a nose stud
hyppymom 21 months ago
10/12 Not bad considering I never really watched the Brady bunch. Until this quiz, I wasn't even sure of anyone's real name.
I grew up in blended families. My mom remarried and so did my dad. Between them there were 11 kids. And my parents and steps lived in opposite corners of the block. Everyone was very close for several years.
Coldnorth 33 months ago
11/12. I don’t remember most of them. Wesson was the only one I knew
CajunCherokee60 37 months ago
Good morning All. Have a wonderful day!
genie12 37 months ago
Never herd of burger chef,but got what I remembered.
CajunCherokee60 genie12 37 months ago
We had a Burger Chef but it didn't seem to "happen" here.
JZ6030 37 months ago
11/12. Burger Chef! Come on! I’m from the East. 🤦🏻‍♂️
moax429 37 months ago
10/12. Missed 4 and 9.

I also remember Maureen McCormick was in a commercial for Starburst fruit chews, where she ate one and then was seen dancing around giant lemons, and she also danced with the other kids in the commercial at the end. Anyone else remember that one?
Tracye 37 months ago
9/12 I don't remember seeing any but Wesson so had to look close at pictures and think about what product each would advertise for lol
ScoobyDoo169 37 months ago
So did they name Cindy after that doll or the doll after Cindy? Also Greg looked so cute drinking that soda.😍
pattysdaughter 37 months ago
10 out of 12 . Missed Burgar Chef. Never heard of Burgar Chef. I thought that might have been an Arby’s cap. Most I could tell by looking at the photo closely. I did not remember one commercial except Wesson oil.
PipeTobacco 37 months ago
12 out of 12. :) I remember too damn many commercials!!! :)
dmirarh 37 months ago
2/13, YES, all over the Brady's. That was easy...
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