Can you guess the Gilligan's Island character based on a description?

You're stuck on Gilligan's Island, and you can be a part of the crew if you pass this quiz!

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There's little to do when you're stuck on an island. However, the castaways on Gilligan's Island made the best out of their situation. Even with several hilarious failed attempts to leave, the group leaned on each other for support.

What if you were lost on the island and noticed the group was also there? To be included in their crew, you must match the description to the right characters.

Take this quiz and see if you'll pass!

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  1. This character served in the United States Navy with the Skipper. He tells many stories about his childhood and performs almost all manual labor on the island.
  2. This character is a farm girl with practical domestic skills. She uses her common sense when others fail to be reasonable.
  3. This character is the most superstitious castaway and is the owner of the S.S. Minnow.
  4. This character has the nickname "Lovey" and sometimes acts as a motherly figure to Gilligan.
  5. This character is more patient than the other castaways and creates many inventions to help make everyone live better on the island.
  6. This character used to work with a magician before becoming a big star.
  7. This character is a wealthy businessman who often tries to bribe people with money and incentives.
  8. BONUS: This character's voice can be heard but they were never seen.

Can you guess the Gilligan's Island character based on a description?

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