Can you guess the classic TV star from just two generic stock photos?

A dagger and some eggs = who?


We are going to show you two pictures. The one on the left is the first name; the one on the right is the last name. 

You guess the classic TV actor! Remember: we're looking for the name of the actor, not the character.

Sound out the items in the images… and click on the correct face! Good luck!

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  1. Which actress fits this description, little buddy?
  2. Match the illustrations to the Mayberry star.
  3. Guess the actress who played a classic TV mom!
  4. Guess the correct actor!
  5. See if you can solve this one!
  6. Hmm… can you piece this one together?
  7. Guess the correct space star!
  8. Find the correct sitcom star!
  9. Can you figure out the right Mayberry fellow?
  10. Guess the correct space star!
  11. Study all the clues and guess the correct cop show star!

Can you guess the classic TV star from just two generic stock photos?

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idkwut2use 36 months ago
Brilliant! The DeForest Kelley one is perfect; I actually laughed at the cleverness. I only missed Martin Milner--very tricky, well played.
Dario 36 months ago
10 out of 11. Got #7 wrong. 😁😁😁😁
Snickers 37 months ago
9 out of 11. Didn't know that the bird was a purple Martin.
DerekBird Snickers 36 months ago
I know. Talk about a reach.
Krn 52 months ago
The Dick Van Dyke clue could have been much!
DerekBird Krn 36 months ago
Craig Ferguson used to refer to him as "Penis Von Lesbian".
Dario DerekBird 36 months ago
Mike 53 months ago
8 of 11. after the fact they made perfect sense..
EllisClevenger 53 months ago
You got 9 out of 11
Missed #7 and #11
7 - Bologna. That stand of trees looked forlorn, to me. That green is NOT dark enough to be Kelly.
pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely.
"forlorn figures at bus stops"
11 - Yes, I missed it, too. Who hears anything about Purple Martins or Milliners, any more? The last I heard either one mentioned was about 50 or 60 years ago.
MeAgain65 53 months ago
Missed #7 and #9 . Seems like 7 was a set up . Good quiz though.
JERRY6 53 months ago
7 out of 11 , i'm slipping , never 2nd guess
MrBill 54 months ago
10/11; enjoyable but challenging quiz.
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