Can you guess the 1960s show from just one character?

Let's put a new face to your favorite TV shows.

By now, the stars of many 1960s shows are downright iconic, and you don't even need to know their show to connect them to it.

That's why today, we're looking to put a new face to your favorite TV shows, to see how well you remember all the wonderful characters you met on the way from episode one to the series conclusion.

Below, meet some 1960s TV characters all over again and see if you can guess which TV universe they belong to. Good luck!
  1. Lou-Ann Poovie is a slightly tone-deaf singer who became the girlfriend of this show's star:
  2. Candy Canaday was an army brat turned cowboy on which hit TV Western?
  3. David Gideon was an eager young assistant to the star of which 1960s drama?
  4. Harry Mudd was a smuggler and a swindler on which 1960s show?
  5. Here's Harkness Mushgrove III, better known as "Mushy," the assistant to the wagon cook on which TV Western?
  6. This crazy scientist lives on a remote island on which 1960s TV show?
  7. Dash Riprock was a smooth-talking major movie star who made the ladies swoon on which 1960s TV show?
  8. Roy Stoner was the super-high-strung mayor on which TV show?
  9. Inspector Dobbs Kobick was a menace who often chased and captured the cast of this show:
  10. Let's end with the lovely Harriet Cooper, who was the beloved aunt of one of this show's stars:
Can you guess the 1960s show from just one character?

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