Can you find the ONE TV show that started in the 1950s and ended in the 1970s?

It takes a rare show to span three decades.

It is rare for a scripted television series to span three decades. You can count all of them on your fingers.

In particular, there were just a few primetime TV shows to begin in the 1950s and end in the 1970s. Think about how much society changes over that time, let alone technology. These shows were born in the black-and-white era and ended in the full-color era. They lasted through the revolutionary Sixties.

No wonder they are classics. See if you can find them.
  1. Pick the Western series the started in the 1950s and lasted until the 1970s.
  2. Okay, now find a color series that started in the 1950s and lasted until the 1970s.
  3. Finally, pick the one family show below that started in the 1950s and ended in the 1970s.

Can you find the ONE TV show that started in the 1950s and ended in the 1970s?

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Rickey 27 days ago
You found 3 out of 3
Did you sniff those out like Lassie — or did you get out of Dodge too soon?
JimMahoney 27 days ago
3/3 There were a couple that could have been close
AlF 4 months ago
As the song says... Two out of three ain't bad...
legion1a 4 months ago
I had no idea how long "Lassie" had been inflicted on us.
I watched the show a couple of times, against my will, and I had no desire to see anymore of it.
MrBill 4 months ago
3/3; Fun, easy and entertaining quiz.
AEDC49 4 months ago
Got all 3 but "Lassie" actually went 2 more seasons in first run syndication! ending in Spring 1973! Other shows started in syndication went to network then even back to syndication again Like "Mr. ED" etc. "Lassie" actually had filmed the first handful of episodes in Color! and then in fall of '62 filmed a special multi part in Color which aired in Spring '63 etc. What about "The Ed Sullivan Show"! late 40's-'71 & "The Red Show" etc. "Lawrence Welk" etc. actually a lot when one looks at it!
moax429 4 months ago
2/3. Totally forgot about "Bonanza" and picked "Bewitched," but then I remembered (too late) the latter show premiered in 1964.

Although I was born in April 1962, my father's (may he rest in peace) Monday nights were not the same without "Gunsmoke" (he even watched that show from when it premiered in 1955, even before my younger sister and I were born; he and my mom - bless her soul also - got married in November 1955, two months after "Gunsmoke" debuted). Unfortunately, when my dad heard in 1975 "Gunsmoke" would be canceled after 20 years, he became livid (I ran across an article about the show's eventual demise in the local paper circa March 1975; that's how I remembered "Gunsmoke" ran for two decades).

And - I may have related this before - after my dad read the article and saw the weekly tally of the Nielsen ratings printed at the end, he said rather sarcastically, "Well, I see 'Maude' headed the popularity list!" (He didn't like "Maude" but liked the parent show "All in the Family." I, personally, *didn't* like either of them.)
AgingDisgracefully 5 months ago
I knew a guy whose grammar school career started in the '50s and ended in the '70s.
But that's too sad a tale to relate on this thread.
BrendaGast 5 months ago
3/3 I’ve been around a looong time!
UTZAAKE 5 months ago
2/3. Wanted to cross the bridge, got thrown into the gorge instead.
anthony 5 months ago
3/3.💃💃💃 shortest perfect score I ever got.
Barry22 5 months ago
2/3, totally forgot about Lassie.
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