Can you find the infamous shark that Fonzie jumped over in Happy Days?

Which of these ferocious fish is part of one of the most iconic moments in TV history?

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Relive the Iconic Moment when Fonzie Jumped Over a Shark!
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The scene in the third “Hollywood” episode of Happy Days where Fonzie attempts to clear a shark enclosure on water skis has become synonymous with TV shows going too far to the point of ridiculousness. But we’ve brought up before why that distinction is undeserved.

Regardless of what you think of the scene, there’s no question it is an iconic part of TV history. But how well do you really know it?

We’ve taken the underwater predator from Happy Days and put it up against other onscreen sharks. Can you find the one Fonzie flies over? Keep picking until you do!

  1. Which shark did Fonzie jump over in Happy Days?

Can you find the infamous shark that Fonzie jumped over in Happy Days?

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toonyfan_ 16 months ago
got it on my first try 😃🦈
svenlogin 17 months ago
Dogonnit picked the Hardy boys one first , ya got me aaaaaaaaahhhh.
RichLorn 17 months ago
It's the shark wearing the leather jacket. What else would you wear to a rumble?
FLETCH 17 months ago
Jeepers, got it on the second to last one
LoveMETV22 17 months ago
I was amazed to see how many Modern trailer recuts that have been made since Jaws appeared back in 1975. There are many but this one was very good.
cperrynaples 17 months ago
Tricky but there were 2 that were clearly wrong! I knew right away that the one in the middle was Jaws and the last one was Chevy Chase! BTW, the scene where the shark bites Batman is the funniest in the entire movie!
Barry22 17 months ago
A cardboard fin swimming inside a Hula-Hoop. A guy in a bathrobe doing a bad Jack Benny impression. The California Kid. I think Garry Marshall threw the writers into a room, gave them a bunch of drugs and alcohol, and locked the door. And this is what they came up with.
texasluva 17 months ago
Fonzie be nimble -Fonzie be quick-Fonzie jumped over the shark and did not trip. I was shark bait and stumbled twice before finding that shark 🦈
vinman63 17 months ago
I can’t do this quiz sharks aten’t kosher.
hrcopter 17 months ago
I got it! On the last try. 😅
Coldnorth hrcopter 17 months ago
I had the same. Who knew there were so many sharks to choose from
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