Can you find the dog in these classic TV families?

Which of these four names belonged to the pet?


Pets are family members. No wonder then that adorable dogs have been a long tradition in family television. A happy clan has got to have a loyal pooch.

Sometimes, these four-legged friends have obvious pet names, like "Dog" on Petticoat Junction or "Tiger" on The Brady Bunch. But in many cases, the dogs have names that could pass as human.

We gathered names from classic TV shows. One of the names is a dog! See if you can sniff it out!

  1. Which of these characters from The Beverly Hillbillies is a dog?
  2. Which of these Waltons from The Waltons is a dog?
  3. Which of these characters from My Three Sons is a dog?
  4. Which of these characters from Frasier is a dog?
  5. Which Bundy is a dog on Married… with Children?
  6. Which member of The Partridge Family is a dog?
  7. Which of these Happy Days characters is a dog?
  8. Which character from Green Acres is a dog?
  9. Which character from Punky Brewster is a dog?
  10. A workplace is a family of sorts, especially in a firehouse. Which Emergency! character was a Basset hound?
  11. Kevin had a loyal dog on The Wonder Years. Which name belonged to the dog?
  12. In Little House on the Prairie, which character was a dog?
  13. In Life Goes On, which member of the Thatcher family was a dog?
  14. On Mad About You, which character was a Collie mix?

Can you find the dog in these classic TV families?

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Sachelle 25 months ago
12/14. It would have been easier if the dogs had actual dog names.
RedSamRackham Sachelle 19 months ago
* Some folks do like to give their pets weird names! ☺
Randall 31 months ago
# 13 LIFE GOES ON is getting a Re-boot with Kellie Martin, This I am excited to see! Chris Burke (Corky) is still alive, and I am anxious to see him and Chad Lowe return, Hopefully so will Patti Lupone!!
SashaPayneDiaz 32 months ago
9/14 No bones about it .....went barkin' up the wrong tree on 8, 9, 10, 11 & 14.
lmahabhashyam 33 months ago
14/14 loved Emergency and Little House some of the shows I guessed on but common sense dog names prevailed.
scp 33 months ago
Thirteen out of fourteen. Not bad considering I haven't seen some of these shows in ages -- and I didn't watch some of these shows at all.

In fact, come to think of it, the only one I missed, the Walton's dog, is from one of the shows I've probably seen the most episodes of in the last year.
MrChrisM 33 months ago
11 out of 14 isn't bad considering how long ago some of these shows are
Shatner1 33 months ago
11/14--I don't care that I missed Pumpkin Brewster (never heard of it)--But Emergency and especially the Wonder Years--WoW!!
mojomoonjo 33 months ago
As much as I love dogs,I really thought I would do better!
50% is an F! 😑
moax429 33 months ago
12/14. Never saw "Mad About You" or "Emergency," but guessed on most of the others.
Oldielover 33 months ago
9/14...Missed on the shows I didn't watch (Waltons,Little House, that was RUFF!! lol!
GeorgeW3 33 months ago
If I watched the series, got ‘em all right. Even on one I never watched. 8/10
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