Can you correctly spell the names of these classic TV characters?

Wait… was it Aunt Bee or Aunt Bea?

Is spelling your strong suit? Well, even if you never won the spelling bee back in school, we bet you know iconic TV characters.

We gathered a baker's dozen of unforgettable faces. The spelling of their character's name? Well, that might be a little more forgettable. 

Let's see if you can correctly spell everyone's name!

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  1. Who better to start this spelling bee? How do you spell her name?
  2. He was a happy fellow on Happy Days.
  3. What is the alter-ego of Wonder Woman?
  4. What is the last name of Trapper John?
  5. All aboard! He was the captain of the Love Boat.
  6. He was on a ship of a different nature.
  7. He was typically up against Perry Mason.
  8. He knew nothing — but he could spell his name.
  9. Her name is easier to type than "Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!"
  10. He was the Night Stalker.
  11. How about this Mayberry man?
  12. What is the name of this Angel?
  13. She was Latka's love.

Can you correctly spell the names of these classic TV characters?

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Geronimo 32 months ago
EllisClevenger 32 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
Seems like you always have these characters on your mind! Have a victory pickle.
Missed #1.
I will go to my grave, insisting I'm correct.
tom78 32 months ago
10/13...........missed 5,6,9.
CarrieMcCourt 32 months ago
13/13 Simka almost did me in. Sometimes guessing does help.
Joe 32 months ago
My worst score… so far!
Joseph 32 months ago
13/13. I took a lucky guess on the last question.
ETristanBooth 32 months ago
12/13. Missed the last one. Never watched it.
rycki1138 32 months ago
13 out of 13
Seems like you always have these characters on your mind! Have a victory pickle.
TomTerrrific 32 months ago
"C for Carl; K for Kolchak" -- I can't think of any of these other characters who actually spelled their name for us on the show! :)
scp 32 months ago
11 out of 13, and I have no idea how I did that well.
DiscoDave 32 months ago
10 out 13. Can't believe I got the MASH, Star Trek and Charlie's Angels questions wrong. Three of my favourite shows.
anthony 32 months ago
10/13.I can't believe I got Aunt Bee wrong and Ralph Malph right! I really don't deserve a pickle,unless your talking about one of Aunt Bee's "kerosene cucumbers".😋Good idea for a quiz.👍
mimi2 anthony 32 months ago
I think they are wrong with Aunt Bea. It's not Bee it's Bea for Beatrice, her name is not Beetrice. Check your facts MeTV
CarrieMcCourt mimi2 32 months ago
Nope, Her name was Aunt Bee. Always was. Blame her mother.
KathyMcKinny mimi2 17 months ago
according to the show producer......her name WAS Beatrice.....but the B in Aunt Bee was the SPELLING of the letter, not a shortening of her BEE is correct.
cperrynaples 32 months ago
13/13! Fun fact: 11 was 2's father!
richardkel cperrynaples 32 months ago
12/13. I know he played the father on Happy Days, but was he the father in real life?
leebillyold richardkel 32 months ago
Not in real life, if you mean, Tom Bosley or Howard Cunningham?
cperrynaples richardkel 32 months ago
I was talking about Jack Dodson, he was both Howard Sprague and Mr. Malph!
anthony cperrynaples 32 months ago
The Dentist.
No, he was not a Dentist, he was an Optometrist.
daDoctah cperrynaples 32 months ago
That's *Mickey* Malph to you!

(Or, apropos of this quiz should it be spelled "Micky" or "Mickie"?)
JeffTanner 32 months ago
I got 12 out of 13, even though they said I got the first one wrong, about Aunt Bea's name. It IS Bea, NOT Bee. Got # 13 wrong also.
DarrellHempel JeffTanner 32 months ago
It's definitely Bee. Her name appears in episode titles as such.
MrsPhilHarris JeffTanner 32 months ago
No it's Bee.
Absolutely correct you are!
You guys know your stuff, BEE is correct....I'm old school!!
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