Can you answer these real TV Crossword clues from 1973?

Try to answer this trivia about M*A*S*H, Mary and more!


MeTV fan John Walsh wrote us and suggested, "For the quizzes how about the old TV Crossword clues?" Great idea! Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

Before handy channel guides were available right on your TV screen, you needed a way to find out what was airing! Good thing we had the TV Guide back in the day. The weekly listings magazine was more than just a printed schedule. There were also feature stories — and crossword puzzles!

We dug up the Television Crossword from the July 14, 1973, issue of TV Guide. (Sonny and Cher were on the cover.) Try to answer these crossword clues — without the grid!

  1. 16 Across: He's Hawkeye
  2. 41 Across: Gunsmoke's Milburn Stone
  3. 1 Across: Mr. Lynde
  4. 19 Down: He's Marcus Welby
  5. 54 Across: Archie's son-in-law
  6. 7 Down: She plays Mary Richards' landlady
  7. 30 Down: Miss Gabor
  8. 43 Across: Actor Knight
  9. 15 Across: Owen Marshall's Jess
  10. 51 Across: Felix is, but Oscar isn't
  11. 49 Across: Stuttering comic Roscoe
  12. 42 Down: Friend of Bridget and Bernie

Can you answer these real TV Crossword clues from 1973?

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Nightshade1972 12 months ago
8/12. I was only a year old in '73, so I think that's pretty good. :-)
RedSamRackham 15 months ago
* 11 of 12 ~ 92% ~ Missed last one!
rycki1138 19 months ago
10 out of 12. Missed the last two.
Mike 35 months ago
11/12 pretty easy. Missed Miss Gabor.. Duh !
Newyorkcitygal 37 months ago
11/12 I got the last one wrong!
11/12. Likewise.
MrBill 37 months ago
12/12 - not bad for my second time trying this one.
Moverfan 37 months ago
Missed three of 'em and I refuse to feel guilty because I was only 11 in 1973.
CDDIAMOND 38 months ago
I sure wish that you would tell us who the actors are in individual episodes. I watched a Dick Van Dyke episode last night about a "Twizzle" dancer and singer and would love to know who he was. Unfortunately, the scroll afterwards was too fast and I never caught it. Who was he please? Thanks
papateg CDDIAMOND 38 months ago
If you go over to IMDb and search The Twizzle, it should bring up the list of actors - there are several with no pic and uncredited. Jerry Lanning played the part of Randy Twizzle.
ncadams27 38 months ago
7 down (#6) - the answers don’t all have the same number of letters.
Tommy 38 months ago
11/12...some lucky guesses
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