Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions about The Waltons?

It helps to know about ventriloquists and famous farm animals, as well.

The Waltons originally ran on TV for nearly a decade. You can bet the show garnered millions of fans over that time. That must have included the writers of Jeopardy!

The popular game show has featured many questions about the mountain family over the decades. 

Here are some of our favorite, ranked in order of monetary value. Some of them might even stump the Tournament of Champions!

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  1. WORDS FOR THE WISE $100: Scholarly last name of "Waltons" actress Michael
  2. TELEVISION NOSTALGIA $200: Earl Hamner Jr., later creator of "The Waltons", wrote 8 scripts for this Rod Serling series
  3. TV TRIVIA $300: This TV character's name was Zeb, but most of the other Waltons called him this
  4. TV ACTORS & ROLES $300: He was playing Rev. Fordwick on "The Waltons" when he was cast as the irreverent Jack Tripper on "Three's Company"
  5. BIRD TV $500: In 1981 creator Earl Hamner uncorked this series about a winery whose symbol was a bird of prey
  6. TV ACTORS & ROLES $600: This ventriloquist was the original Grandpa Walton on the TV movie that inspired "The Waltons"
  7. TELEVISION $1000: To shed her good-girl "Waltons" image, she shed her clothes in the August 1985 Playboy
  8. ANIMALS, ANIMALS, ANIMALS $1600: The Waltons had a pet one named Myrtle; Tad Lincoln's were named Nanny & Nanko
  9. THE TV CHARACTER IN COMMON $2000: Richard Thomas & Robert Wightman
  10. THEY PLAYED WYATT EARP $2000: Long before he was Grandpa Walton, he played Earp in "Winchester '73"

Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions about The Waltons?

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Snickers 23 months ago
since I never watched The Waltons I'm happy with 7/10
Cowgirl 33 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Well done! You win a hug from Grandpa.
Cowgirl 43 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Well done! You win a hug from Grandpa.
DerekBird 44 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Well done! You win a hug from Grandpa.
scp 44 months ago
9 out of 10. I forgot they recast one of the characters for a time.
anthony 44 months ago
Lacey 44 months ago
#6 - Not meaning to split hairs, but wasn't "The Waltons" inspired by Earl Hamner Jr.'s 1963 movie "Spencer's Mountain" with Henry Fonda ?
Coraline 45 months ago

Although I think you could have mentioned that 'Myrtle the Goat' originally belonged to Maude Gormley
MrBill 45 months ago
8/10; not too bad a score considering that I have seldom watched this series. I missed Falcon Crest and Goats.
Cowgirl MrBill 43 months ago
The bird gave Falcon Crest away & I remembered that Tad & Willie Lincoln had pet goats otherwise I would have gotten those questions wrong too.
JERRY6 45 months ago
9 of ten an s i never watched the show
Tammy 45 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Well done! You win a hug from Grandpa.
dwood520 45 months ago
I recently purchased the pilot, which is a Christmas story. I think Richard Thomas is the only original actor that went on to the regular series.
Tammy DickeyWoodson 45 months ago
Actually Same Grandma and kids as series
WhitneyLGH 45 months ago
10 out of 10!!! Funny to associate "Playboy" Magazine, with "The Waltons"...thanks to *Mary Ellen*! (Country Girls gone wild!!! lol)
jpdirisio13 45 months ago
Got 9 of 10 and I never, ever watched the program....never ever ever! HA!
MichaelNivens 45 months ago
Will Geer was good In Winchester 73, but he knocked It out of the park as Bear Claw In Jeremiah Johnson
MikefromJersey 45 months ago
MeTV , Don't you think you should have run the original pilot movie when introducing the Waltons?
After all, quality wise it must be in the top 5 all time TV movies. And it's a Christmas movie,
considering the season this is a no brainer.
Now as a gift to all of us viewers, put Barnaby Jones out to pasture. Buddy Ebsen is terrible in it, a piece of wood would have delivered a better acting performance. All the scripts are trite.
Bring back 77 Sunset Strip. Or it's sister series Hawaiian Eye. Both full of action and babes and
actors with charisma to spare. Ebsen? yeeccch.
moax429 MikefromJersey 45 months ago
"The Homecoming" was the pilot movie for "The Waltons." It *is* available on DVD; I have watched it practically every year since I bought the disc in 2003. (I'm not sure if this has anything to do with why MeTV didn't consider airing"The Homecoming," but I'm sure it's because CBS Television Studios made "The Homecoming" and Lorimar (bought out by Warner Bros. in 1989) made the "Waltons" series starting in 1972 (obviously, Warner Bros. wouldn't syndicate something made by CBS; thus, "The Homecoming" *isn't* a part of the "Waltons" rerun package.)

But I *do* agree - bring back the classic Warner Bros. detective shows like "77 Sunset Strip" and "Hawaiian Eye." Admittedly, I've *never* seen either one (I was born in 1962); I think those would be very enjoyable.
moax429 MikefromJersey 45 months ago
I forgot - 9/10. Missed #8.
Wiseguy MikefromJersey 45 months ago
it's is a contractions, its is the possessive.
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