Can we guess your favorite Thanksgiving dish based on these questions?

It's almost that time of year! Are you hungry yet?

There are so many great things about Thanksgiving. The family, the food and the fun. But mostly the food!

What's your favorite dish? We bet we know! Just answer these nine quick questions so we can guess. 
  1. Pick a color:
  2. Which relative do you gravitate towards at Thanksgiving?
  3. Leftovers. Yes or no?
  4. What part of the country do you live?
  5. How old are you?
  6. Pick the funniest sitcom character:
  7. Who do you think is the best cook?
  8. What's your favorite Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float?
  9. Is Thanksgiving your favorite holiday?

Can we guess your favorite Thanksgiving dish based on these questions?

Your Result...

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Snickers 33 months ago
Says pumpkin pie is my favorite dish, I hate pumpkin pie.
caleb53 43 months ago
Mine is punkin pie! YUM! Some whipped cream piled high on top! YUM!
caleb53 caleb53 43 months ago
I changed my answers and this time I got the bird! YUM!
Karen 43 months ago
Cornbread?? We don't even eat cornbread! I'd much rather have a biscuit!
Turkey or pie. Actually, if we had cornbread, it would be dead last. :) My biggest problem answering the questions is that my family is so small, NONE of the family member choices applied! I needed a sister or daughter!
ValT 43 months ago
Stuffing? Not by a long shot, sorry, guys. Either turkey or cranberry salad would have to be my faves. Yes, I know loving a Jell-O salad tells you pretty much exactly how old I am, but I do love it! It's one of the few traditional dishes I'm making this year, since there's just the two of us for dinner.
idkwut2use 43 months ago
Cornbread? Love it, but I always go with canned cranberry sauce as my fave. ^w^
Caretaker245 43 months ago
I even went back and changed a few answers just for fun... still came up as stuffing.... yep, that's totally right. Even had chicken and stuffing for supper tonight!! Mashed potatoes and gravy would be my second choice.
TVFF 55 months ago
It worked like a charm. Mashed potatoes and gravy.
Joe 55 months ago
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