Can we guess what year you graduated based on the school supplies you used?

Your pencils and folders reveal more than you think.

Homework and standardized tests are no fun, but school does have its upsides. Like recess, those little cartons of milk, field day, study hall and friends.

Of course, there were lots of cool gizmos and gadgets that went with it. At the end of each summer, our parents would take us to stock up on school supplies — pencils, protractors, folders, book bags, calculators….

The specific stuff you got probably reveals your age. Or so we hypothesize. Let's see if we can guess the year in which you graduated based on the following school supplies. Let us know how we did!
  1. Have you ever played this game?
    Image: Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium
  2. Did you ever use one of these?
    Image: Amazon
  3. Which folder would have been more common in your school?
  4. Did you ever fill out one of these?
  5. Which pencil were you more likely to use?
  6. Have you ever seen one of these Mr. Peanut Pencils?
    Image: LIFE Magazine
  7. What would you use to write an essay?
  8. How would you carry your books?
  9. Speaking of backpacks, did everyone in your school have one of these?
    Image: Jansport
  10. Do you know what these are?
  11. How about this? Did you ever use this?
  12. What model TI calculator did you use in math?
  13. What was your lunch box made of?
  14. Did a teacher ever give you one of these?
  15. On what device would you save your homework?
Can we guess what year you graduated based on the school supplies you used?

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