Can we guess what year you graduated based on the school supplies you used?

Your pencils and folders reveal more than you think.

Homework and standardized tests are no fun, but school does have its upsides. Like recess, those little cartons of milk, field day, study hall and friends.

Of course, there were lots of cool gizmos and gadgets that went with it. At the end of each summer, our parents would take us to stock up on school supplies — pencils, protractors, folders, book bags, calculators….

The specific stuff you got probably reveals your age. Or so we hypothesize. Let's see if we can guess the year in which you graduated high school based on the following school supplies. Let us know how we did!
  1. Have you ever played this game?
    Image: Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium
  2. Did you ever use one of these?
    Image: Amazon
  3. Which folder would have been more common in your school?
  4. Did you ever fill out one of these?
  5. Which pencil were you more likely to use?
  6. Have you ever seen one of these Mr. Peanut Pencils?
    Image: LIFE Magazine
  7. What would you use to write an essay?
  8. How would you carry your books?
  9. Speaking of backpacks, did everyone in your school have one of these?
    Image: Jansport
  10. Do you know what these are?
  11. How about this? Did you ever use this?
  12. What model TI calculator did you use in math?
  13. What was your lunch box made of?
  14. Did a teacher ever give you one of these?
  15. On what device would you save your homework?

Can we guess what year you graduated based on the school supplies you used?

Your Result...

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Snowman1 13 hours ago
I was only 6 years old back then. Slightly off! 1966!
geatornez82 1 day ago
Their guess? 1993
Wow, according to MeTV, I graduated when I was 11 years old! Boy howdy how smart was I?
Seriosuly, though, I graduated in 2000.
quackinup geatornez82 18 hours ago
Lol, I evidently graduated at 9.
allens61 1 day ago
I went to school from 1967 to 1977 but did not graduate
Stardoc 1 day ago
Graduated in 68, not 66. I noticed it said 66 for people who were just born or went to school in the ‘80s. What’s up with that?
JimmyD 1 day ago
It said I graduated the year I was born, 1966. They needed to put in a "I know what it is but didn't have one" option.
Cyn_Finnegan 1 day ago
Nope. I graduated in 1980. We weren't allowed to use calculators in my high school because the district considered their use cheating.
Just FYI, the question about the slide ruler should've had a third answer: yes, but I never used one.
tintin 1 day ago
And Truth be known, I carried my books in a leather briefcase through grade school.
tintin 1 day ago
I hardly ever ate in The cafeteria. Those of us who brought our lunches ate in the auditorium.
tintin 1 day ago
That Mr. planter peanut pencil seems familiar but I don’t really remember
tintin 1 day ago
I could not answer all those questions because the last choice was I don’t know what you’re talking about. And of course I know And of course I know But it was not available.
chuck1701 1 day ago
Off by 4 years, graduated in 1970 not 1966.
KC 1 day ago
This was way off. It had me graduating 16 years before I did.
bsantaniello 1 day ago
Was off by ten years. I’m not that old!
Anonymous 2 days ago
This one is way off, since it said I graduated 2 years before I was born!
Toot1956 2 days ago
Got me off big time I was 5 years old.
smith927 2 days ago
Nope. Was not born yet. Graduated in 90.
lmahabhashyam 2 days ago
Born in 63 graduated in 81 but I had low tech budget for school supplies.
madmark1 2 days ago
I graduated 85 not the year I was born 66
BFree64 2 days ago
Just a little off. I got 1966, and actually graduated in 1982 🤣
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