Blur quiz: Finales

Goodbye is hard to say... but can you guess which shows are saying it?

Alas, all good things must come to an end.

These days, the last episode of a show is a huge deal. It'll wrap up loose ends and leave the audience with something to think about after the credits roll. However, back in the era of classic TV, it was a lot more of a toss-up as to if the series would get a real series wrap-up or if it would just... end.

We've collected seven scenes from final episodes of classic TV. Some of these are real "endings", others are just another episode that happened to be the last. Can you name the show it came from?

Levels Completed This Quiz:

Levels Your Score Average
1 Start Level 80
2 83
3 86
4 76
5 71
6 88
7 83
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